Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I know I still have just over 2 months until Baby Z gets here, but I have a million things that I need to do and a million questions that I would like answered to ease my mind before it's time.
I would like to have has much ready and be as prepared as possible so I can spend the last few weeks just relaxing!
So here are my questions, all moms please leave a comment for your answers or message me on facebook or somethin.

{1} What would you make sure I pack in my hospital bag?
I have read a million lists on what to pack and so I have a pretty good idea of the things I'll really need and things I'll make sure to pack. But do you have any items you wish you would have had or are really glad you did have?
{2} What item or items would you make sure I put on my registry?
My registry is pretty much complete. Is there anything you wish you would have added to yours or wish you would have gotten before your little one arrived? In addition, what things can wait for a little bit until after she comes?
{3} What should I do to prep my body for delivery?
I have heard about oils and massaging, what did you do that worked or didn't work? Same goes for breast milk. Is there anything I can do to help bring in milk? What did you do that worked or didn't work?
{4} Where is the best place to get nursing bras?
What should I look for when shopping for nursing bras? What size would I go by? Any advice on this is helpful.
{5} What do I need to make sure is ready in the nursery?
I know I want to get it basically all set up and have it ready, is there anything you forgot to make sure was in there and accessible?
{6} Did baby sleep in your room at first, and for how long?
I have been told time and time again that you should have baby sleep in your room with you so that you are close when he/she wakes up needing to be fed. I have a cradle that my mom is giving me to put her in at first but you've seen our room, there is no space basically. Her cradle will be in the closet area probably. Which will be fine because she'll be close, however, her rocking chair where I plan on doing all my feedings will be in her room and not in mine. And I don't want to sit on the edge of my bed and feed her, I want to be comfortable. What would you recommend? How long did you keep your baby in the room with you? When did you let them sleep in there room and in their crib? ANY advice on this matter will sure help because this is the one I am struggling with the most.
{7} What is your advice for hospital stay?
I have already had someone tell me that they don't feed the dad just the mom, so to order ahead of time 2 meals so that we can eat together. Any other tips I should be aware of?
*I'll be delivering at the Brigham City Hospital*
{8} How long should I wait to take her on walks?
I am lucky enough to be giving birth in August which means I don't have to keep her all bundled up inside for fear of getting sick. But how long should I keep her inside? I know I'll be cooped up for a couple of weeks and going on walks would be lovely, if that's ok to do with a newborn?
{9} Who did you have in the delivery room?
I have thought a lot about this one and am just wondering what everyone else did. Did you have your mom? Did you have his mom? Did you have only your husband? Why and why not on all of these?
{10} What is your best advice for this new mom?
As you can tell, I'm a first time mom and have a lot on my mind all of the time. I have a lot of questions, and have found a lot of answers in my mom, pinterest, or my doctor. But is there any advice you can offer mom to mom?
Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and answer my probably silly questions!


  1. {1} What would you make sure I pack in my hospital bag?
    Hard candies, comfy night gowns, slippers, a brush and ponytails! Also super cute clothes for the baby’s trip home.

    {2} What item or items would you make sure I put on my registry?
    Baby wash/shampoo/washrags/bathtub stuff is super useful! Also diapers, you can never have enough. Clothing is usually something you get beforehand. Toys and stuff usually can wait a little bit.

    {3} What should I do to prep my body for delivery?
    I got an electric pump which was awesome. Like I said hard candy, make sure you have a lot of ice water. You’ll be in that bed for a while and won’t be able to walk around much after. Can’t eat before delivery usually, with the drugs and all that jazz.

    {4} Where is the best place to get nursing bras?
    Any maternity store. Make sure you get the pads too.

    {5} What do I need to make sure is ready in the nursery?
    A bedside caddy is great to have all your necessities. Diapers, wipes, cream, blankets.

    {6} Did baby sleep in your room at first, and for how long?
    Brody is almost 3 and is just starting to sleep in his room own room. In our first apartment together we shared a room and I think he just got used to it. I feel much more comfortable with him closer to me. Even know his room is right next to mine and I keep doors open.

    {7} What is your advice for hospital stay?
    Bring slippers so you can go on walks. Request to have your baby stay in the room with you.

    {8} How long should I wait to take her on walks?
    I would give it like a month before she’s super exposed to germs and all that stuff.

    {9} Who did you have in the delivery room?
    Obviously my situation is a little different; I just had my mom with me. My sisters were there during the epidural and stuff though. Just remember it’s a stressful situation, only have people in there that will be calming to you. There isn’t a lot of room around the bed and people can’t come and go, so make sure you choose wisely.

    {10} What is your best advice for this new mom?
    Vaccines are a wonderful idea; keep your vaccine card in your diaper bag.
    Baby mittens are a life/face saver.
    You’re going to lose socks like no tomorrow, babies just kick them off. Make sure you have a bunch on hand.
    Stroller/Car seat combos rock.
    There is no such thing as too much cuddles.

  2. I won't reply to all because I had a c section but, #1 I brought very little to the hospital. It's a pain to haul up and back but if its something you feel like you need then bring it. Pillows for me were excessive because you are so tired you don't care how comfortable you are afterwards. I brought an outfit for the baby, bathroom bag (soap shampoo brushes etc.) and clothes for me
    #2 swaddle blankets! Love them.
    #4 I like Target bras! Of course motherhood maternity too
    #5 I really havent even used her nursery yet to be honest. So don't stress too much
    #6 She sleeps in the bassinette next to my bed still
    #7 let the babe sleep in the nursery! Let yourself rest so you can be rested for the first week (the hardest in my opinion)
    #8 I think it depends on the weather. You have to be super carefully even a few months after because they just don't regulate their body temp as well as we do. I think a month is good too.
    #9 I had my mom and my husband. If it were important to any other friends or family I would have let them in too. You don't care who is there once you really are in labor. But I do agree make sure they will be a calming influence.
    #10 remember that you are a new mom. You won't know all the answers but you will learn and as soon as you do your sweet baby will change it up on you again! But its amazing!

  3. #1 flip flops for shower and slippers for walking around. (think of everything thats been on that floor)
    #4 don't buy too many nursing bras right away, you never know what size your going to end up when milk comes in. I went from B to busting out of DDD. A huge shock for me was that breastfeeding is not easy. Use the lactation specialist at the hospital as much as you can. They are annoying but do have some good advice. In logan they have a nursing store in the hospital that has great stuff and awesome workers that help so much!
    I'm so excited for you!
    #6 They make little bed type things that hook to your bed. Those are nice. I just put baby in bed with us for the first little while. Baby on one side me in middle and josh on other side. Its so much easier to feed at 2am and 5am in bed laying down.
    #8 I took Jordan on walks when she was 1 week old. With the twins when we would go to the store I say ok heads down no eye contact walk fast and ignore everyone. Don't be afraid to tell people you can look don't touch.
    #9 I only had Josh in the delivery room and Jordan was there with the twins. Ask your Doctor what the hospitals policy is on that and remember it is such a special time for you and micheal when that baby is born. I told people we would call when we were in our room and they could come then. With Jordan I'm pretty sure my mom was there 1/2 hour after she was born.
    #10 best advice is listen to others advice and then do what works for you and don't feel bad or guilty about it!!!

  4. Yeah I finally have a computer! OK here are my answers to your questions.
    #1-I would defiantly bring your own pillows. That way you know you have something familiar to sleep on and a little piece of home. With Larry I brought some movies, but ended up not watching them because I had visitors a lot and slept most of the time. I would make sure to bring something to do in the moments between visitors and nurses, like a good book to read. Most of the time I just held my kids and just gloried in the fact that I brought this little person in to the world.

    #2-A diaper genie. I love our diaper genie. It is nice for diapers and you can get refills for it. Also burp cloths and bibs, you can never have enough of those, babies spit up a lot!

    #3-I didn't do anything special to prep my body for delivery. I shaved my legs, I didn't want the doctor seeing my hairy legs, which I know probably isn't that big of deal considering where the doctor is delivering the baby. :)

    #4-Try a specialty bra store and get a size bigger than before you had the baby. You will get bigger, especially if you plan on nursing. I think I got my nursing bras just at Smith's or WalMart. But next time I think I will go to a professional.

    #5-You defiantly need the crib, changing table, diapers, wipes, rocking chair, and clothes ready before the baby comes. Everything else can wait until after you are home from the hospital. I would also maybe have like a playpen or some area in your living that is just for the baby that way you can put her down in there and relax on the couch. :)

    #6-Larry did not sleep in our room at first because we didn't have the room for him in our bedroom. When I had Laura, she slept in our room for the first 3-4 months until she started sleeping through the night and we were sure she wouldn't wake up Larry. But she was a pill getting used to her crib and she just got used to sleeping with me. So I suggest in her crib, that way you don't have to adjust her from your bedroom to her bedroom. It will be a little harder when she wakes up in the night, but I think it will be easier in the long run.

    #7-Rest as much as possible at the hospital. Don't be afraid to ask the nurse about or for anything. They are there for you and your baby. And listen to the nurses, they have great advice sometimes.

    #8-Since you are delivering in August, you could probably only wait 1-2 weeks before taking her on walks. Just make sure she is covered in shade and put a hat on her head and you could put infant sunscreen on just as a precaution.

    #9-I would go with whomever you feel comfortable with. And don't worry about offending anybody, you are the one delivering, this is your moment with Michael, not theirs! With Larry, I had my mother in law and my mom. My mom works in Bountiful an at the time I had Larry she was working the swing shift, so she was able to be there. When I was actually delivering the baby they had a curtain pulled across the room for privacy. I love having my mom there for my first child. With Laura it was my mother in law and Rob's sister(she was my nurse with Laura, which was fun. And of course Michael!

    #10-Listen to others, but go with your gut instinct. If you thing something is wrong, take her to the doctor. No one will know her like you do and no one is better qualified to know what to do for her.