Thursday, January 31, 2013


I know I've said this once, I'll say it again, cannot believe January has already come and gone! 
Here is how I spent my January!

New Year's Eve with some of the best friends a girl
could have!

I hung out with my husband and puppy.
We watched Notre Dame get their butts kicked in the
National Championship game. Oh well. Go Fighting Irish!

I got a new Jazz sweater complete with fart guard =]
I got a new chapstick that made my lips VERY pink.
I got the new Gary Allan CD and it's ahhhh-mazing!
I rooted for Randy Orton in the Royal Rumble.
He didn't win.
Cena did.
*eye roll*

And you read all about how much I HATE winter HERE
How did you spend your January? 
Any guesses on when we'll see grass again?!

I Hate Winter

I cannot believe January is already over. This winter has been ridiculous. Soooo much snow. The other day I got completely stuck in my driveway which has never happened before, but because of all of this snow, I couldn't just plow through it. So I had been parking on the street and walking from the street, over huge piles of snow to get to my house. Well of course my mom didn't like that at all so she decided her and my dad were going to come shovel it. I warned her that she would regret it because the pile was so huge. But she insisted. Of course, it took about 2 minutes of shoveling for her to say, "OK, call your bishop. Ask him if he knows anyone with a more powerful snow blower because your dad's isn't going to make a dent in this pile." So hesitantly, I called. He knew right away what I needed help with. Guess he's noticed the huge pile in front of my house but then again, how can you miss it? So he said he'd be right over. A few minutes later we see a tractor driving up the street. Oh please let that be him, we hoped. And sure enough, as he drove up, it was indeed my bishop! Though he was a bishop on a tractor, he could have been a knight in shining armor, saving me from a massive, deadly pile of snow. It wasn't long after he pulled up that my driveway was cleared out and the street where Michael parks was cleared. Oh what a relief! Now I can park in my driveway. Now I no longer need spiked shoes and an ice pick to get from my car to my house. Needless to say, I owe the bishop aome cookies! Or brownies! Somehow, nothing seems good enough for the trouble he saved me.

This is when I was stuck. Buried. Yuck.
And here is Bishop Smith saving the day!
Is anyone else as sick of this weather as I am?!
Bring on summer! Seriously!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas 2012

Wow am I slow to update this thing! Sorry! We had an amazing Christmas this year as most of you have heard by now. But here is basically the whole month of December...

I have been wanting to go to Fesitval of Trees every year for like... EVER. FINALLY this year we went! Mainly because my work schedule is MUCH easier to plan around and also because my cousin Sarah does a tree every year and this year she did Wizard of Oz! OF COURSE I have to go see that!

Goofin around in the elevator at the mall

Sarah's tree turned out AMAZING! 

Now, here's a few pictures from the family parties and Christmas...

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that Jodi has
BOYFRIEND?!?! His name is Scott and they
are in love.

I took way more pictures than this but didn't want to overdo it on here. You can see more on my Facebook page =]
Hope everyone had as good of a Christmas as we had!