Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Belated Update

Wow, can you believe it's been so long since I have last updated this blog?! 
It's a little dusty and I apologize!
Let's just kind of start over shall we?

Hi, my name is Anecia!
(pronounced Aneesha)

This hot guy right here is my husband, Michael. We just celebrated 5 years of marriage and this September it will be 10 years since our first date! Basically 10 years that we have spent every day together!

This cute girl right here is Zianna. She will be three next month and I can't even believe it! She is so silly, smart, and stubborn just like her daddy! She is truly a daddy's girl!

This here is Ruby Kay. 
She just turned 8 months old, and I'm not just saying this, but she is the best baby ever. 
She is so sweet and mellow. She loves to smile, and jibber jabber a lot. I love the little human she is and can't wait to see how she is when she is older. 
Oh, and she's a mama's girl!

Michael and I both work full time. We work basically opposite shifts so we are able to take turns with the girls. His mom watches them for the few hours that our schedules overlaps. 

I mainly use this blog as a journal. Something I can look back on someday and refresh my memory on the amazing times we have as a family. 
And by look back, I mean next week I'll look at it and go, "Oh yeah! I remember doing that! That was fun!"
My memory is horrible.

Anyways, I also want to use this blog as an outlet. I work full time outside of the home and when I get off, Michael is at work so I hate to describe it this way, but I almost feel like a single parent at times as well. I hope to write things I'm going through that I feel are tough, so that someday I can look back and think, "Yeah that was tough, but we survived!"


I don't think I have many readers, if any, but if I have just one that can relate and benefits from reading then that's amazing!

Pictures taken recently by the amazingly talented Jessica Wolf with Wolf Photography
Not only is she a great photographer, she is a great friend!