Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Daily Challenge - DAY TWENTY-ONE - Relationship With Parents


Describe Your Relationship With Your Parents

I still consider my mom my best friend. Growing up I could tell her anything and everything. It got a little different when I moved out, but it's back to normal now where I feel like I could ask her anything at all. I trust her advice on everything and she is always the first one I call when I have a question on a recipe, directions, or anything else. I'm sure she'll be getting even more calls once I become a mom and have a million questions.

I feel like I am the most like my dad. We could sit in a room together and not say a word but it doesn't feel awkward, it just feels like we're spending time together in that way. I remember growing up and playing catch with him and we wouldn't really talk while we did but that was some of the best time spent with him. We are both quiet like that and don't really need to say a lot. But he is the one I go to when I have questions on financials, home repair, or outdoor activity. Even if he doesn't know an answer right away, he'll take the time to find one. Just recently I got stung by a bee and didn't know what to put on it and I called my dad. He didn't know right away but called me back within minutes with an answer.

Both of my parents are people I trust and would turn to first for any questions. I hope that one day my kids will do the same with me. 

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