Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Wednesday

I just downloaded the blogger app! Having a smart phone is so fun! This is my first official post from my phone! Since I have a boring life with nothing to say, here are a few recent pictures! Included are pictures from my grandpa's 83rd birthday celebration, and my friend stephanie's beautiful new headstone.

Happy hump day!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Peach Days 2011

As you all know I am a HUGE fan of Peach Days!
Family comes to town and we always have a great time!
Now I'm more of a picture person, so here's our Peach Days weekend!

First of all, I was in the parade so my sisters were in charge of taking pictures with my camera..this is what happens when you give them my camera..

Luckily they did get a few of the parade...

My cute cousins
My amazing cousin Stephanie came from
Logan with her twins


They tried to get him to smile...

...with no success

And there's me drivin Grandpa Andy's STANG!
Then I had to work with the Peak doing a big obstacle course with kids I hope yours came!
When I was done with the Peak I went to my mom's for lunch then we came back to the fair with Tish and her kids Larry and Laura!

Larry's in the front drivin

He sure loved the jeep rides

By this time we were pretty worn out so we
took a break on the curb.
Oh but that was just the beginning!
We were lucky enough to get our nephew for a few hours!
His mom got him a wrist band so he could go on as many rides as he wanted so that is just what we did!

He found a button...
And this was his face when he found out it
made noise haha
Startin to rain!
Luckily we live close so we went inside
to eat and get out of the rain but it
wasn't long before we were back out there!
Peach Days from my house
This is the one he was looking
forward to the most

The sun started to set

He got the biggest grin on his face when this
one started going higher

I just love how Michael is with him
it ALMOST makes me want kids
real soon! All in good time though

Later that night I went to the hypnotist show with my sisters and cousin Tish. It was so fun! He had them doing some really funny things and it was very entertaining!

I can't wait till next year!