Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Happy Wednesday everyone!

Only a couple more days till the weekend and I CANNOT wait!

It's been a long week already...I have started painting baby Z's room, went to my sister's band concert, visited with a friend, oh and got a new nephew today! 

 Isn't he the cutest?!
Meet Conner!
Ok now back to me! lol ;)
This week I didn't pick an outfit from Pinterest.
This week I just wanted to talk about gouchos.
Yup gouchos. Best pant/capri things ever and they should NOT be out of style. 
They should be very much in style.
Being pregnant, there are not a lot of things that are comfortable right now but these ARE.
I have like 5 different colors and I love to wear them.
Flowy like a skirt, the length of capris, and this girl is obsessed!

So this week's outfit features gouchos.


You can't even tell that they are actually pants but they are and they're great. If you are pregnant (or not!) then you should give these a try.
And maybe there is a fashion expert out there that can tell me why these are not in style. Because I think they're cute! However, I'm no fashion expert...
Though I should be!

Last Thursday we went to the Dr! I kind of love going just because I get to see her and see how she is doing.
She weighs a whopping 2 pounds 4 ounces!
I will post pictures soon but we're in trouble because she was already pouting! Like bottom lip clear out and I'm sure if we could see her eyes, they'd be puppy doggin'. No joke. We're in for it!

Pictures will be posted soon though!

And not that many of you probably care but stay tuned for Day 15 of the challenge!


  1. Stop saying things like "not that many of you probably care" I care!! Im sure there are many other people who also care too! I love stocking...err...reading about you ;) You are so dang cute and yes you should be a fashion expert! Cant wait to see the pics!!

    1. Oooh I just LOVE it when you comment! I would stalk..stock...comment on yours if you blogged more! C'mon. Do it! And thanks for caring! Luvs!