Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mexico Vacation!

Sorry this post has taken so long! I have been sooooooooooo sick!
We're thinking it's just the Mexico water.
I tried to be careful but I OBVIOUSLY wasn't careful enough!

Anywho! I think the best way to do this is day by day!

saturday 10-23

Our flight left at about 10:30am that morning. It was a bit delayed because there was extra security they had to do.

We were pretty excited because as our plane was leaving it started raining! YESSS!
We had a straight flight from here to Puerto Vallerta, Mexico and once we landed we got a shuttle to our hotel. Customs was actually really smooth!

The wonderful view from our room!
Once we got settled we of course went straight to the beach. Oh wait, I think we ate first. Anyways, that night, we got to do one of the coolest things ever. We got to put baby turtles into the ocean! When a mama turtle comes and lays her eggs they have guys that store the eggs and keep them safe until they hatch. Then, once they hatch, they let everyone on the resort that wants to, grab a turtle and put him in the sand. Then, we watch as the waves come up and take them out into the ocean. It was SOOOOOO neat!

After that we relaxed on the beach for a bit and that night was the bachlorette party for the girls who went to the club across the street and the bachelor party for the boys who stayed on the resort. Lame I know. Girls had way more fun! Sorry though no pics.

sunday 10-24

The day of the wedding. But we spent the morning at the beach and pool!

Michael and his Grandpa

I wore my Raiders hat and my silver and black swim suit for the Raiders! We were able to watch most of the game but it was in Spanish! Oh well the score is the same in all languages!

Then at sunset was the wedding!
For all the wedding pics go here =]
But here are a few I took...

monday 10-25

On this day we decided to catch the bus into town to the flea market and do some shopping!
Michael's favorite part was haggling and he got pretty good at it too!

We literally shopped till we dropped! We went back to the resort and just relaxed the rest of the night!

tuesday 10-26

Now THIS was a fun day!
We went on an adventure!
An ATV ride then right after that we went ziplining!
Both were sooooo fun!

Waiting for our 'tour bus'
The 'tour bus'

Now, unfortunately I don't have pics of the ziplining because my camera was in my backpack. BUT Jessie took some on her camer so AS SOON as I get them from her I will most definitely post them!

wednesday 10-27

This day was a lazy day...
We mostly lounged around the beach and did a bit of shopping at the market that was not even a block from the resort!

Thursday we came home and I didn't take many pictures plus that's when I started getting ooober sick. Well Wednesday was and then Thursday wasn't so bad but Friday and Saturday were AWFUL.

I took a TON more pictures but didn't want to upload them all on here so head on over to my facebook if you haven't already and check em out!
This was the BEST TRIP EVER!!!
I am so lucky to have friends like Jess & Tiff that invite us to share that special occassion with them!
Thanks Jess & Tiff for choosing such an awesome destination for your wedding!

Monday, October 18, 2010

5 DAYS!!!

Ok people!
I am so excited you have no idea!!!
BUT...I have so much to do to get ready!

-Spray Tan. I wanna GLO in Mexico!
P.S I'm having a spray tan party on Wednesday let me know if you want info!
-Clean the house
and it BETTER be as spotless when I get back as I left it!
Holy crap! That's a big one! I need to borrow a suitcase, pack all of our crap, and try NOT to forget anything! So much work goes into packing for a vaca right?!
Gotta pack enough clothes,
toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrushes, etc......that's a long list in itself,
our passports! That's HUGE,
camera! and batteries,
-Get my nails done
Got an appointment for tomorrow so that's good

Anything else I gotta do before I go?!
I alwas feel like I'm gonna forget somethin.

Well, I've been dreamin about it, thinking about it constantly, I just CAN'T WAIT! To leave the country!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

One Year

Hard to believe it's been a year.
Stephanie was a big part of everyone's lives she touched.
Miss her.

So today we planted a tree in her honor.
It's in front of the High School and we hope to get a plaque soon to go with it.
It was a beautiful day and a lot of great memories were shared.

Megan and Chelle diggin room
for the tree

John putting the tree in.


Friday, October 15, 2010


June 16, 2008
This is me on the big screen.

Me with my $400 CASH prize!
Now let me explain.
I'm a HUGE WWE fan.
Like, I LOVE it!
Jeff Hardy is was my favorite SO Michael bought me Jeff Hardy gear.
Right before Jeff Hardy came on, a guy asked me if I would come answer a question about him...
Yikes. I know little.
But hey, OK!
When I get down there and it's my turn, I get asked to do a Jeff Hardy impression!!!
THIS is what I did in front of thousands!!!
It was worth it, he handed me $400 CASHOLA!
P.S DO NOT ask me to demonstrate. I won't! haha!

Craft Night Out!

My oober talented cousin Bonny invited me to Craft Night Out at her house!
It was super fun, inexpensive, and easy!
Thanks Bonny!
Here's what I made:


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sneak Peek

I decided since we're pretty much poor, (I mean, who isn't these days?!)
and I have friends with weddings or birthdays,
not to mention CHRISTMAS right around the corner,
I would get crafty!
I am MAKING gifts!
I only have made one so far...
working on my second.
But here it is!

For our friends Jess & Tiff whose
wedding we are going to in
Now, here is a SNEAK PEEK at Jessie's birthday present. Well the colors of hers!

Jess and Tiff's colors were easy. Their favorite team is the Baltimore Ravens so I did purple, black and white.
Jessie's living room is turquoise and brown.
A little trickier...
But I'm happy with the pops of color I added.
Hope she is too!
And Jess, if you're reading this.
Sorry to spoil!
It will all come together I promise!

When I get back from the trip it's going to be super busy time.
I'm going to make things to hang on my ladder,
Christmas presents,
oh and I guess I should get started on planning a wedding huh?!


P.S In exactly 9 days from now, I will be in MEXICO!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I know you all think I'm crazy...

This year I am just REFUSING to let go of Summer!
I LOVE fall, but not as much as I love Summer!
This summer seemed to go by FAR too quick!
So although my new background is beach party theme,
I tried to pick one with fallish colors.
Happy medium?!

I'm not really feeling the decorating this year...
Which is weird, cuz I grew up in a house with a decorating FANATIC!!!
I mean, EVERY holiday has decorations at her house.
But here is what I DID do...

Halloween Garland

Yes my house is the one with the
lit up pumpkin hanging in the window.

The picture on my left is my favorite.

Brenda gave this
to me last year.
Cute huh?!

HAPPY FALL...yay...

Monday, October 4, 2010

10 things I love about...

  1. I love that we have so many similar interests.
  2. I love her honesty. As blunt as she is.
  3. I love how talented she is. Especially in art. I'm so jealous.
  4. I also love that she always gives art as gifts. It's so perfect every time.
  5. I just love her sense of humor.
  6. As annoying as it can be I love how she quotes movies. How can she remember all those?!
  7. She is so smart.
  8. I love that when we are together, there is never a silent moment.
  9. Even though I call her a birthday stealer, I love that we share that.
  10. I love how good of a friend she is to me. She doesn't have to be.

This is in honor of her (our) birthday!

Just so you know...

There are only 19 days until....


Friday, October 1, 2010


September of 2007
Michael's parents took us on a cruise for Graduation.
We made 4 stops,
The Bahamas,
The Virgin Islands,
Puerto Rico,
to tell you the truth I can't remember the name of the last place.
St. Thomas somethin....

Looking at these pics makes me SOOOOOOOOOO excited for MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!