Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Oh another week has come and gone and I think I've grown even more. 
You all feel/felt that when being pregnant right?!
Ok good, so I'm normal!?

Anyways, many people have recommended skirts and dresses for maternity wear. 
They are comfortable, and help me keep cool in this ever-getting-hotter weather.
So, today's outfit features a skirt!

A few things:
Those shoes didn't last. I didn't even wear them to work. It's getting to the point where I have to sacrifice what looks cute with what feels comfortable.
Also, the jacket didn't last too long anyways. I maybe took it off mid-morning. It's getting to the point where I am getting hot quick. Already. And I still have all. summer. long.
Wish me luck!

Other than that things are still going really good. Not much to complain about! (Other than being hot and not being able to wear cute shoes.)
I do feel like I'm starting to get tired again. Which is no fun because I am also in the stage where I just want to get things done!
For example her room FINALLY got painted!

I just LOVE the color! I think it turned out super super cute!
Today I bought blinds and a curtain rod (I already had curtains) so hopefully I can get Michael to hang them tomorrow! =] 
He did however, clean the carpet! Yay!

People keep asking me what I have done. (All I have done is what is pictured above basically.) So every time people ask me I get totally anxious and freaked out that I'm not going to be ready. Like it makes me super emotional and Michael has to calm me down and  reassure me again and again that we will be ready.

One thing I am waiting for is my mom to be done with school because she is going to be helping me with A LOT. 
And she is done Friday! Yay!

So here is what else I have to do:
-hang blinds and curtains
-get a crib (Michael's mom said she'd buy that like a month ago)
-fix up the dresser
-convert entertainment center to a wardrobe
-finish rocking chair
-make all crib bedding
-make pom-pom things to hang above crib

entertainment center turned wardrobe
inspiration from pinterest

pom-poms above crib inspiration from pinterest

The progress I have made on the rocking chair so far
(I know, not much)
I will not only post belly pictures every week but hopefully a progress update on that little list!

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