Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DAY 24

I skipped this one because I wanted to wait till I had pics of a clean house...
You're in luck.
My house was semi-clean the other day.


First of all, USA

Second of all, UTAH

Third of all, Brigham City

And you've seen it before but you get it again,
my house:

Now, something most of you have never seen before...
Come on in!

When you first walk in this is what you get.
Dining room for now cuz what the heck
else am I supposed to do with it.
This is our Dining room set up for
Thanksgiving dinner.

Living room.
Only room that is done the way I pictured.
All the others I still have plans for.

I don't have pics of my kitchen...
Well, it's a mess right now.
And I have plans for that kitchen so I suppose I'll have to postpone those pics for now.

My sink/getting ready hallway.
I guess you have to actually come in my house
in order to understand.

My bathroom.
Oh how I LOVE that tub.
My closet.
I know. Amazing.
And...I have more plans for it.
Sorry no pics of the master bedroom.
Basically it's a king size bed and an entertainment center.
Tiny closet. (Michael's)
Door to bathroom.
That's it.

I am also not posting pics of my basement.
All there is is a laundry room, kind of a disaster.
A bathroom, always a disaster of a mess and I don't think I should have to clean it. There's a reason I don't use it.
A "weight room" though we just stacked the weights in a corner cuz they weren't getting used. That room is basically empty.
A game room. Not much to it.
Toy room, disaster. And TINY.
And...spare room with a bed, fridge, freezer and the water heater. Lol.
There is also Tony's room a.k.a my future craft room.
A door that leads to outside...and a closet or 2.

That's where I live!

DAY 28

Well, I'm glad you asked because it needs to be cleaned out.
Here's my overflowing but super stinkin cute purse:

And here it is emptied:

It's contents:
-A book
-Lip gloss, lip stick, and chapstick
-Extra batteries (but don't tell anyone those are my favorite batteries. For my camera ONLY)
-M&Ms ooh! Didn't know those were in there...hmm...wonder how long they have been in there...?
-My wallet
-My planner
-My ZUNE (better than an iPod trust me)
-My phone
-Sunglasses (though I haven't needed them lately)
-My inhaler
-Hand sanitizer
-My keys
-Gloves (I HATE a cold steering wheel, I used to have a fuzzy steering wheel cover but it's been worn out :( )
-My camera (it's usually in my purse. Never know when you will have a kodak moment)

P.S anyone wanna come put all that crap back in my purse now?

also, this was my 100th post!
this calls for a celebration!
bring on the chocolate!

DAY 27

I bite, pick and peel my hangnails.
I sometimes do it till they bleed.
I don't know why I do it.
I don't do it when I have my nails done because I dunno I guess the nail glue keeps them down...who knows.
But they get a teeny bit dry and I start picking at them.
Gross I know.
Bad habit I know.
hope you enjoyed that incredibly gross post!
hey, I could have posted a pic!
You can thank me for that later!

DAY 26

Whoa that's a little overwhelming don't you think?
But I will do a day by day thing.
This is last week so the 21-27.

Sunday 11-21-10
Sundays are always football days. The Raiders played the Steelers. What an intense game. There was even punches thrown and an injection on our team. Of course. Silly boys startin fights.

Monday 11-22-10
I worked from 10:00am-3:00pm. Dr. day. Couldn't tell you much more about that day. I think I went to Zumba that night at the gym. (Physiques. Everyone get a membership there I heart it!)

Tuesday 11-23-10
I worked at the Retreat that day from 1:00pm till about 4:14pm because of the "record blizzard" Can I just say...it wasn't that epic. It snowed, the wind blowed, it was freezing but I don't think we even got that much snow. It was bad conditions for driving in though.

Wednesday 11-24-10
I worked from 9-2:30 at ShopKo that day. Wednesdays are our busy days because we have a Dr. from 11-7. However, that morning was a bit slow. I can't remember much else of that day but I possibly went to Zumba.

Thursday 11-25-10
Thanksgiving. See post for DAY 25. I did that day in great detail.

Friday 11-26-10
aahhhhh black Friday. How I love you. Seriously I do. I love working the morning crazy shift. I love the energy, the business, most the people...lol. I had to be to work at 5am and I bagged for Beth in Optical. We had a great time she is super fun! I got off a little early. I was scheduled just till 10 but ended up leaving around 9:15 or so. My plan was to go home and sleep. However, an early morning Mt. Dew crave foiled that plan. I ended up staying awake all day thanks to 2.5 Mt. Dews. Lol my weakness. I went back to work that night for a couple of hours because Tara had a viewing she wanted to attend in Ogden. Oh well, couple hours on the paycheck isn't always a bad thing.

Saturday 11-27-10
Michael's parent's/Grandpa Thanksgiving Day. We figured we would do somethin a little different this year. Michael works on Thanksgiving so there is no possible way we can do more than one family, so we decided to do his family on Saturday. We spent the morning at the dollar store, made a stop at the cemetary (Michael's first Christmas without his Grandma. This was THEIR holiday. He misses her soooo much. Still hard to believe she's gone.) Then we spent the rest of the day cooking. Well and the boys played...

I have to say I think dinner ended up fantastic!

Well we tried to get a group photo...
Well that was my week in great detail! Hope you enjoyed! Sorry my life is so boring lol!

Cauliflower Retreat Contest Details!

I know I am like soooo behind on my 30 days of getting to know you but I really do plan on catching up tonight. However, I just HAD to share the great big contest Cauliflower Retreat is doing right now! If you have facebook, you can enter! All you need to do is copy and paste this as your status:


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Now that you are done reading my fabulous blog, skip on over to facebook, friend Cauliflower Retreat, and ENTER THE CONTEST! It goes for 2 weeks and you can enter once a day if you want to get your name in the drawing more! DO IT!!!


Thursday, November 25, 2010


In honor of Thanksgiving I thought I would do a post dedicated to everything I am thankful for!

My Michael
Just with mentioning Michael comes a long list of other things I'm thankful for.
His job.
His work ethic.
His dedication to making sure I'm happy.
The way he treats me and loves me.
(I could keep going on and ON but I'll leave it at that.)

My Grandparents
They are so kind and so supportive.
My Grandpa himself is a walking, talking, LIVING miracle and I am so grateful for that.
My Grandma has stood by his side even through all the bad news.
Their love is so strong and I hope mine and Michael's is at least half what theirs is.
And I am NOT forgetting my Grandma on my mom's side.
Love her and her strength and I am so grateful to have her in my life goin strong! (sorry I don't have a pic of the two of us!)

My Parents.

I know I'm not nearly the perfect daughter, nor the daughter they hoped I would be, but they love me anyways. And for that I am so grateful.

My sisters.
I know Kate isn't pictured her but she is most definitely INCLUDED.
We always have so much fun together.
I love them for everything!

I know I mention this a lot.
But I'm so thankful for a roof over my head.
Running hot water.
A place to sleep at night.
And most of all a place to be 100% myself and to feel 100% safe.

My jobS.

All fun in their own way.
All rewarding in their own way.
1- I get to help people SEE.
2- I get to make kids' birthdays FUN.
3- I get to help make a difference in women's lives when it comes to self-worth.
I mean come on. Am I lucky or what?!
Oh and 3 pay checks is a bonus.
I'm just glad I have the opportunity and the ability to work.
Some don't.

GREAT friends!
It's hard to choose just ONE picture because I am SO blessed with the amount of friends I have.
I may not hang out with all of them all the time,
but I still consider them great friends and I am thankful for them all.

My country/FREEDOM
How lucky are we to live in a country that has the opportunities we have?!
I am so grateful to be here and for ALL the men/women fighting for our freedom and for this country!

I think that's a pretty good list though there are SO many things I am thankful for I could create world's longest blog post with all of them!
I hope everyone took the time today to think of all the things they are thankful for!
I hope everyone had a FUN and SAFE Thanksgiving break!
For those of you shopping tomorrow, be careful and have FUN!
(I'll be at ShopKo at 5am come say hello!)
Don't forget the Retreat too!
Great prizes, deals, and give aways!
(don't forget code word I'm Grateful)

DAY 25

I know I TOTALLY skipped day 24 but that one's topic is where I live. I thought it would be a good time to post pics of my house but I'm in the middle of cleaning it as we speak. Well sort of. Anyways I will take pictures once I get it all clean tomorrow!


It just so happens that this one fell on Thanksgiving Day so that's a lot of detail. Sort of. But it was a busy day.

I woke up, in my opinion, far too early. 8:00 am! I know! I honestly don't know why I was up so early. I was watchin TV for a bit when I realized I had left all of my incredients for my green bean casserole at my mom's the night before. So I headed over there. Just in time to MISS breakfast. Bummer dude. When I got there they were watching the Thanksgiving Day parade. (of course) and I asked what I had missed because I didn't think it started till 9. My mom said, "Well we heard Carrie Underwood sing." I said, "Oh I like her. What song did she sing?" My mom had absolutely no idea but my dad piped up and said "du du du du du du du du DO IT!" Oh! Undo it! Love that song. Haha silly dad. Then I helped my mom crush down some boxes for her recycle bin. After a few more minutes of just talking I decided to head home. So I grabbed my bag from the night before and my doll that my mom was giving me. (The doll wears my baby blessing dress so yes, it's special)

Once I got home I plopped myself on the couch and watched some more of the parade. Every commercial or so I would go in the bathroom and start getting ready. First I did my makeup then I decided I would curl my hair. It actually doesn't take me that long to curl my hair. Anyways, by this time it is about 10:22 and my pup is barking. (I say pup because only one barks the other is an angel) So, I have to feed them so they don't wake Michael up who didn't get off work until after 3 the night before. I sit and watch the parade some more. (Gotta say, didn't see anything TOO impressive..when will they have REBA perform?!) At about 10:45 or so I decided to start my green bean casserole in the crock pot. Stupid cans of beans combined with stupid can opener combined with stupid me equals having to wake Michael up to help me open a can of green beans. How pathetic. But he was kind enough (and not TOO grumpy) to come open the cans for me. Then he went back to bed and I started the casserole. I go back into the living room and watch some more parade. There's a band, some dancing penguins, and a GIANT Kool-aid pitcher. When who walks in the door? None other than Tony himself. That's my que to go wake Michael up. As Michael is trying to wake up I call my mom to ask her about the green bean casserole. (I know what you're thinking, that's like the EASIEST possible thing to make for Thanksgiving. Well if there was a way to screw up something that simple I'd be your gal. So I called for double checking. Good thing I did cuz she had me add more beans.) So of course, I send Tony to do that for me. He's always willing. AND he paid. AND he brought me back a mt. dew. Thank goodness! Haven't had one in AGES! So by this time it is about noon and we are supposed to leave for Logan at about 12:30. Michael gets ready. (I'm already ready and having a pretty cute day if I do say so myself)

We sit and watch the parade football. Of course. Turns out the Lions I believe it was...were beating the Patriots. Anyone know if they won or not? Never saw the end.
Ok so at about 12:30-ish we head for Logan. I called my sister to make sure they were on their way. Of course not. My DAD is getting ready. Lol. We get to Logan before them and chat with my Grandpa. (My Grandma is OF COURSE in the bathroom. She beautifies herself) When we got there my Grandpa went and knocked on the bathroom door and said, "Honey, everyone's here we gotta get goin." Didn't work. She still wasn't out when my parents and sisters got there. Worth a shot I guess.
As soon as my parents and sisters got there we headed up to my Aunt Donna's cute little GINORMOUS house. Plenty of room in that place for our big family. We plugged in our crockpots and waited for people to arrive. Dinner was SUPPOSED to start at 2:00. Try nearly 2:30 by the time people decided to arrive. Oh well though. It's fun chattin with family.
Before dinner, my Grandpa gathered us all around for some 'words of wisdom.' He told us things I didn't know about him. About 8 months ago he was having some troubles with his blood and had to get some transfusions. Some of his blood tests had evidence of an uncurable disease and he was diagnosed. (He didn't say the technical name so I couldn't tell ya.) He was sent to a cancer Dr. to do some other tests in his bone marrow. When the Dr. called him with the results, he said there was nothing wrong. My Grandpa went on to tell us how blessed he was to even be here after being diagnosed with a disease with no cure and then receiving news like that. Wow thanks Grandpa, good thing I only had water-proof mascara left huh? So I'm grateful for him and that we could all be there together. Only a couple people were missing, a cousing that just had a baby who was a little sick at first and still not able to travel too much.
Michael and I had to leave at about 3 because he had to be to work at 4 and I had dinner with his Grandma J and parents at 5. It was kind of tough leaving early because I feel like I wasn't there nearly long enough.
When we got home Michael rushed to get ready and I put some leftovers in a tuppeware for him to take for lunch today. I'm hoping he gets off before then though. He works too much and always lets other people go home before him if going home early is a possibility. Which I mean, is good because more money for us and he loves his job and he's good at it. But then I'm home alone and sometimes feel like I never see him.
Anywho, getting off track. So Michael leaves for work at about 3:55. (Good thing he already told his boss he would be a bit late.) And I start cleaning. I do dishes, a bit of laundry, sweep, and clean the kitches. I also put a few things away here and there because I got distracted. But that's not the point here. Once I felt like I had done a good amount of cleaning I went to the living room and hung out with Tony a bit. We talk about a lot of crap sometimes which is kinda fun. Ok, we mostly talked about his parents. Then a little AFTER 5, (cuz his parents were running late) his parents came and got us and we went to Grandma J's house who lives on Highland. We had a pretty good dinner and were there for about an hour and a half. It was a tad bit awkward because we don't see that side of the family a whole lot. They are a lot of fun and really nice but it's just weird being there without Michael. Sometimes people get Michael and Tony confused so I think a few thought I was with Tony (thinking he was Michael) I personally, don't see it. I don't think they look ANYTHING alike! Anyways. Now I'm here and Tony is at a friends house. That was my day and I hope it was in good enough detail. Can't believe I didn't take ANY pictures! Shoot!
One more thing...check out this cookie/turkey someone on my side of the family made...isn't he cute?!

ALMOST too cute to eat!
a cookie, candy corn, a reese's, a rolo and
another cookie for the base.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DAY 23

Ok well Day 23 is a YouTube video and I've never seen this all the way through but it is supposed to be HI-LARIOUS. (That exact word)

DAY 22


Well since I spend practically ALL of my time on Facebook, blogger, and my email...I'm not going to share any of those.

I will however share a few I visit every now and then.

I spend A LOT of time here.
It's a wedding planning site and it has given me some GREAT ideas.
Hey photographers around the world, there is a section on there about 50 must have photos.
Most of them are shots EVERYONE does because they are no-brainer.
However, there are a few cute/new ideas that you might enjoy!
There is also another version of the site called the nest.
It has recipes, home buying tips, and decor ideas.
Fabulous I know!

ALSO I have a few friends with their own sites.
My good friend Kylie has been hard at work.
Check out that link and this one!
She only has a few stuff up right now but she takes special orders!
Just tell her what you need/want and she will let you know if she can do it!

That's all I got for now!
Till next time!

DAY 21

I'm begging all of you...
Can I put a rain check on this one?
I have a recipe I REALLY want to share but just don't have the ingredients at the moment.
I figured since I'm SO behind on this 30 days thing I would catch up and do the recipe one at a later time?
Great. Thanks.
To be continued...
P.S It will be WORTH it!

Cauliflower Retreat

As most of you know, I am working for Karen Eddington at Cauliflower Retreat here in Brigham.
And can I just tell you?
It's amazing.
I feel like when I go to work I am doing things that can potentially make a difference to someone.
We hold retreats for young girls about be confident and comfortable with yourself though it can be difficult.
We have home decor to help give a positive touch to your home.
I also am lucky enough to get to blog on the Retreats blog some positive messages.
If you haven't checked out the Retreat either on Facebook, Twitter, their website, or in town, well then you my friend are missing out.

I thought I could do a little advertising of my own on my personal blog.
That is how much I love what the Retreat stands for.
We just got some fabulous new items in our retail area.
Headbands, purses (I know!), zebra mirrors (sooo stinkin cute I can't WAIT to get my hands on one), and much much more.
We will be open on the day after Thanksgiving for our first annual
"We are Thankful Sale"
We will have a FREE GIFT for the first 25 people to make a purchase.
If you come in that day OR Saturday and tell us the code word ("I'm Grateful") you will get 20% off your ENTIRE purchase!
We have so many great gift items for Christmas you at least have to come have a look!

Leave a comment on here with your name and email address and you will get more contest details, upcoming event info, and much much more!

Please stop in!
(especially on Tuesdays from 1-5 that's when I work!)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

DAY 20

Day 20: A HOBBY of yours.
I enjoy watching TV in my spare time.
I also do crafts here and there. For example, I made the following...

The ladder.

I also enjoy scrapbooking, though I don't have the money to support that enjoyment. I'm not super good at it but I do enjoy it.
I also love to take pictures.
No necissarily as a talent or future profession, but I love pictures for the memories. This may be weird but I could sit and go through photos for hours. Days maybe.
Also, in case you couldn't tell, I LOVE to blog. Sometimes I blog about nothing just so that I can blog. Strange? Maybe. Pathetic? Ok, yeah a little.

DAY 19

Day 19 is hard for me because it is a talent of yours. And well this is something I have struggled with because I feel I don't have anything I'm really good at. I have a lot of friends who are great at photography. I have a sister who is super talented in art. My other sister is talented in music. Me, well, I draw a blank. I asked Michael about this and he had a few suggestions but one being I'm a great Donkey Kong player. Great, that's something to brag about. Yeah I'm pretty good at Donkey Kong sure. I am also REALLY good at procrastinating. That my friends, takes skill. Oh I can also roll my tongue, some people can't do that. And make the 4 leaf/3 leaf clover thing with my tongue. Whatever it's called. So there you have it, my incredible talents. I know you are all jealous of what I can do. And you should be.
Ick. I suck.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

DAY 18

Day 18 is a fun one. My wedding.

This is so fun because I am engaged so I'm in the middle beginning planning! I SHOULD be in the middle but...I'm not even started yet really...

Here is what I have in mind...

-My wedding will be held in my parents back yard.
-My dad is building me an arch to stand under...here is what I have in mind...
Not your traditional rounded arch but I love it.
-My colors are going to be...all pastel colors. Yellow, blue, purple, green and pink. I also hope to have LOTS of silver accents.
-This is what I want my dress to look like. My mom is making it and we haven't even started yet eek!
I love all the lace. I love the small train, I don't want it too long. I love LOVE the neckline. I hope it turns out fairly similar to this!
-My sister wants to attempt to make the cake. Fine by me, it'll save me $300. This is what I had in mind...
I love that the base is square and the 2 tiers are round. I love that they each have a different design. I really want initials on it but probably on the top instead of flowers on the top...we'll see though.
-I plan on making my own centerpieces. Different sized glass jars covered in pastel tissue paper with candles inside. I also want to put pictures on the table but haven't made up my mind on how. If I want frames, blocks or eisles...
This is where I got the idea for the
-I also want to scatter kisses on the tables. Silver.
-I think we want to have mini sandwiches and fruit kabobs to eat along with raspberry lemonade of some sort to drink. Also, I would like to have a big candy table on your way out.
-I want my bridesmaids dresses to look somewhat like this. I would however, like them to all be different colors and slightly different styles. But, my one sister is being a diva when it comes to her dress...She's bridesmaidzilla more than I'm a bridezilla.
-This may sound weird, but I don't know if I want Michael in a tux. I'm sure he will end up in one but I almost like the idea of not doing tuxes. We'll see.
-I have an idea on the guest book. Instead of doing the traditional guest book I was thinking of doing blown up pictures of Michael and I against a black wall and having guests use a silver sharpie to sign the pictures. That way, they can hang in our home and be a guest book.
-Jessie is doing my pictures and we've already done a couple while in Mexico. Here are my faves...

-I am also DYING to do some engagements on the ferris wheel in Salt Lake City. I think it would be absolutely perfect.

As you can tell there is still a lot to be decided. And ALL of it to be put into action. We still need to:
-decide on invetations (we have a while for that though)
-deliver/mail them all (again, we have PLENTY of time)
-get tables/chairs
-make all the decorations
-I have NO idea about flowers yet...
-we plan on making a wedding playlist to be playing during the reception
-get dress made/decide on tuxes vs. no tuxes
-get the food all arranged
-I'm sure there is a million more things that I have yet to even cross my mind. We'll get there eventually!

Oh my heck! I didn't mention one of the most important things! The date!
June 11, 2011


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DAY 17

Day 17 is ART PIECE

I am so lucky to have a sister that is ooooober talented in art. I have gotten a sunflower picture for my living room drawn by her, and now for my birthday a couple months ago she drew me a really special picture.

It's two hands making a heart with a ferris wheel in the background. So special to me and has a lot of meaning behind it. It will most definitely be on display at our wedding!

Thanks Jamie!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DAY 16

A song that makes you cry.
-Well everytime I hear "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry, I think of Stephanie, which makes me a little sad.
-Gary Allan has a song called "No Regrets" that is about his wife that committed suicide. That one is intense.
-Lady Antebellum has a song called "Hello World" that just came out and the song doesn't really make me cry but the video gives me chills and brings tears to my eyes every time. You should definitely check it out.
-There is a new song we just saw the video for, not sure who sings it for sure but it's called "Raymond" It's about a guy that is a janitor in a nursing home. He takes care of this lady that has alzheimer's disease. She keeps calling him Raymond because that was her son's name. She thinks it is still 1942. The end of the video shows the janitor going to a cemetary and finding Raymond's grave. He was killed in war. I know. Soldier killed in war and alzheimer's in one song!
-Jason Meadows sings a song called "18 Video Tapes" about a man that went to war while his wife was pregnant so before he left he made 18 video tapes. One for each year of his unborn son's life. He dies while over seas so all his son has of him are 18 video tapes. Soooo sad.

I think that's enough saddness for tonight. Go look up all of these songs especially if you are in need of a good cry.


DAY 15

Your Dream House

The one I have!
I have always wanted a house with a balcony and a wrap around porch.
I want a house with NO brother-in-law.
Other than that, my house is practically perfect!
Still needs some paint and fixes but hey, that's all the fun!


DAY 14

Favorite SHOES.

How on EARTH am I going to pick just one?! Oh I know. I'm not. I'm going to show you all of my favorite pairs! I LOVE shoes. Michael would tell you I have FAAARRR too many. I would tell you I don't have NEAR enough!

MOST of my shoes
in my shoe trunk
that won't close.


LOVE the sparkles!
PLUS they're Dorothy!
Gotta love ROSS!

As you may be able to tell
by the holes in the toes!