Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy "BUMP" Day!

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Hope everybody's week is going great!
I missed last week's Bump Day because I started a new blog challenge! I hope you've all started it also!
See the list {HERE} and most recent day {HERE}
Ok so I have come to a conclusion and here it is:
Does that make any sense at all?
Basically I don't really feel like I am limited to anything because I'm bigger. I feel like I still sleep comfortably and can sleep right up next to Michael. But when I look in the mirror or look at pictures, that's when I get upset. I just feel like I look bigger than I really feel and that is not a good feeling! But if I concentrate on how I feel, and try my best to avoid all mirrors or cameras, I am fine! So you should all realize how lucky you are for at least getting a weekly photo! But mainly it's for me to look back on and Baby Z too.
Ok so here's my outfit this week:
Mint Skinnies.
Oh how I love you.
I have been dying to have some FOREVER.
Then I found these at WalMart for cheap!
(Same as the ones seen {HERE}.)
Now I just had to share these ones before I can't wear them anymore. You see, with these ones I got them with the intention of wearing them after pregnancy. It just so happens that they were comfortable enough to wear for a little bit while pregnant!
But unfortunately they are getting too tight now :(
Ok so I chose to wear them with stripes!
Here it is:

 Oh and I just HAD to show off my shoes!
I wear these like every day.
They are comfy, have a little bit of heel and are slip on which is a plus right now since bending over is starting to get difficult. Example: painting my toes and tying my shoes, I feel like I'm gonna squish her in there!
Got the shirt at the DI. I finally broke down and bought a few from there that I will only wear during pregnancy.
Pants of course at WalMart.
And shoes at Payless!
*I had the nicest patient come in today to get her glasses. She asked when my baby was due and when I told her she said, "You're doin good! You're not very big!"
Thanks lady! You made my day!*

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