Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quilt Shop Hopping

Every year my mom, aunt, grandma, and usually sisters go on the Quilt Shop Hop. I've never been able to go because I always have to work. But not this year! I was actually really excited to go even though I don't quilt. And I'm glad I did! It was really fun!

My grandma spun the wheel at one shop and
landed on "Go To Jail" she was a trooper and
went and even got a prize for it!

My month of June

I love summer!
And it started off great with June! A WEDDING, a TRIP, an ANNIVERSARY, a BIRTHDAY, and just a lot of fun!

My beautiful cousin Aubree got married and
it was a beautiful day!
We scored big at the swap meet!
Got some new music which is always fun!
It's not summer without watermelon!

And swinging!

Another bonus of summertime is sitting
on the porch in the sun listening to tunes!

Also homemade veggie dip!

Went quilt shop hopping...post to come.

mmmmm grapes!

Father's Day gifts!

Had a lot of fun with some really good friends
in June and that is just the beginning of a fun
filled summer!

Saw Brave. Loved it!

Got a new bike!

Rode the train for the first time and went
to City Creek for the first time!

I have the best friends!

And the best sisters!

Kate's Birthday!


MOAB 2012

Every year my family goes on a camping trip.
This year: Moab!
We even brought some friends with us this time and we had a blast!

Kate, Jodi, Ellie, Uncle Jim, and Michael

Jamie climbin trees

Jodi and Jamie climbing mountains
Jodi, Jamie, Michael, Kate, and Ellie


Landscape Arch

Me and Jamie

Ellie and Kate

My aunt Olesya



Delicate Arch

We got to go 4-wheeling!

And swimming!
(Danika, Me, Ellie, Jamie, Kate, and Jodi)


Our campground also had a playground!

Me n Danika.
Love this girl!

I'm working on putting more pictures up on fb so it's not an overload of pics on one post so go check out my fb page!