Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Daily Challenge - DAY FOURTEEN - Weaknesses and Strengths

Describe 5 Weaknesses and Strengths You Have
Well this is tricky...
Let's start with
{1} Caring What Others Think
Oh man this is a huge problem of mine. I seriously have gotten better believe it or not. However, I still get dressed in the morning thinking to myself, "Are people going to think my arms look huge in this shirt?" How pathetic am I?! I would really like to teach my daughter that is doesn't matter what others think of you only what you think of yourself. I need to teach myself that first which is harder than it sounds. Trust me.
{2} Stress
I stress so easily. This I think has gotten better since I have been with Michael though. Because of my stress issues, he takes care of all the bills. And I do have excellent trust in him so I know I don't have to worry! However, I still stress the little stuff and the BIG stuff. Last year when I was debating on leaving my current job for a different one, I stressed so much over it. So much I made myself sick! I just thought too much about it. It was the right decision and I don't regret it at all but it was a tough couple weeks with that decision making process.
{3} Puppy Dog Eyes
Yeah I am in BIG trouble when my daughter gets here and she gives me those puppy dog eyes that I know I won't be able to resist. I am already a sucker for Domer's puppy dog eyes. When he wants to play and I do not want to touch his gross toy, I do anyways because he just gives that look. It's killer.
{4} Candy
Right now I can't turn down the temptation. I can usually convince myself not to have it, but thanks to this pregnancy, it's like the candy is giving me the puppy dog eyes! I mean it! So I usually just have to give in. It's worth it though.
{5} Happy Tears
You know when you are watching something where someone is just so happy they cry? Well those are what I call happy tears and they are WAY worse then sad tears for me. If I see someone cry happy tears, I start to cry. Every time! American Idol and shows like that are the worst. Oh and sports, when I see athletes cry because they are so happy they just won a championship, I cry. It's as if I just won the championship! I'm a sucker!
{1} Creativity
I would like to think I am pretty creative and crafty. Though I don't have too much to show for it lately because I've been broke. I would buy furniture and re-vamp it so dang cute if only I had the funds to do so. But with a daughter on the way I have to use my creativity in other ways. Like I have to be really creative when it comes to finding a comfortable sleeping position with a husband, great dane, and bigger belly constantly in the way.
{2} Writing
I have always enjoyed writing. Whether it be in my journal or on my blog. I may not be able to write a novel or anything but I do like to put my thoughts down. I would like to think I have a "voice" when it comes to writing. And it's somethin I enjoy. Anything you enjoy is probably a strength of yours.
{3} Kindness
This I get from my dad. He has such a big heart and is always willing to help and I try to be like that as well. Not to be confused with trying to be a people-pleaser. I do that sometimes and it would be a weakness. But wanting to compliment people, help them if they need it, or just be there for someone as a friend is a quality I'm glad I have.
Sidenote: Coming up with strengths is a lot harder than coming up with weaknesses. What does that tell you?
{4} Wifey
I hope Michael agrees that I'm a good wifey. I try to keep the house clean, make sure he has meals to take to work, and I don't even complain when he watches shows I could do without such as American Dad or Family Guy. Then again, it's easy being a good wifey to him when he is such a good hubby to me!
{5} Pinning
I am so good at pinning things on Pinterest I should get some sort of an award. A trophy with a cash prize maybe. That seems suitable. Then I can spend money to buy things for all the cute crafts and things I pin! I do however, like to use the recipes I pin. That's where most of our meals come from!
Well there you have it. Strengths and weaknesses. Aren't you lucky?! Now it's your turn!
Remember if you would like to start the blog challenge {HERE} is the list for it!
Ready, set, go!

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