Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Daily Challenge - DAY TWENTY-TWO - Future


Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years, 10 Years and 15 Years?

Well in five years I will have a 5 year old! That is weird to think about! She'll be going to school and getting to the age where she is learning a lot. I hope at that time I will also have another little one. Maybe a 3 or 4 year old. We'd like to have them pretty close. And hopefully it is a boy. I hope to have one of each and be done. I will still be working at my job and I'm sure Michael will still be at his. Our car will be paid off so that will be nice, I can't wait! Not much else will change. We plan on staying in this house forever and in this town forever. We are so happy here and this is our home.

{10 YEARS}
In ten years...wow that is a long time to look forward to. I again, will have a 10 year old so what is that like 5th grade? She'll be the age Michael and I were when we met! Scary... We will still be at our jobs and still be in our lovely house. Hopefully we have done a lot to the house by then. Like made the backyard so fun for our kids. A trampoline maybe? I'm also hoping if we do have a boy that he will be in sports and our daughter will be in gymnastics or dance or something. They will be at the age that I hope will be so fun! They'll be active and hopefully at an age where they are still ok with spending time with their parents. Let's hope!

{15 YEARS}
The scariest thought about 15 years from now is that we will have a 15 year old daughter. She'll be at the age where she is liking boys and I know her dad will not like that at all! She'll also be at the age where she is going to want to be more independent. She'll be learning to drive and she'll probably be "too cool" to hang out with her parents. I hope at this time that we can have a bond like me and my mom. Hopefully she will confide in me and tell me about the boys she likes and about school. She'll also be getting ready to go to high school! Weird... As for us, we'll still be working and hopefully be doing more to our house. A paved driveway maybe. Maybe even some upgrades to our kitchen and things like that. That's a long ways away but I know when I get there I will look back and think, "Where did the time go?!" 

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