Saturday, May 18, 2013

Daily Challenge - DAY FIFTEEN - Fallin' In Love


Describe How You Fell In Love

Michael and I have known each other since 5th grade. We were in the same class (Mr. Wankier at the old Perry elementary school) and I had the biggest crush on him. Let's just say he had a crush on me too. I would go play basketball with the boys at break time and he would always pick me for his team even though I know I wasn't all that good. Ahhh true love. Anyways, after 5th grade, he was moving away. I cried. I must have known then that the love of my life was moving away and I may never see him again. Ha! 

Fast forward to 8th or 9th grade...I honestly don't remember! Anyways, I'm just walkin down the hall one morning and there he was! I was shocked! And thrilled! I was so excited he was back! We had a class together and we started talking. Sometimes we would even hang out in the mornings. I don't mean me and him alone I mean his friends and my friends. To my disappointment, he was so mean to me! (He claims now that it was because he liked me!) I kid you not there was one day we had all been hangin out outside before school and it had been raining so our shoes were wet and squeaky when we came inside. Well he though it'd be so funny to kick my foot while I was walking. Well there I went feet straight up in the air landing right on my back. And what did he do? Laugh and walk away. Yeah, let's just say I didn't have a crush on him so much after that. But 9th grade year Peach Days we hung out. He even decided he really liked me and wanted to ask me out.

*SIDE STORY* I found out later that it was his friend Lundy that wanted to ask me out and it was Michael's job to ask me out for him. Well the more Michael talked to me the more he decided he wanted to ask me out for himself so that's what he did. 

Back to the real story, I thought he was joking and besides that, I wasn't his biggest fan at the time either, so I said no. (Mostly because I thought he was joking! I thought it was such a mean joke.) Well we remained friends and would talk here and there. I dated other people, he dated other people, and I got really busy with cheer. Sometimes I look back on those years as years with Michael lost. But then I remind myself that we needed to go through all of that. I really focused on cheer and it became a passion. I went to every dance my junior year with a different boy every time. I just had a great time and I'm sure he did too. 

One day my junior year I was in the gym practicing stunts for an upcoming pep rally. I was doing a partner stunt with Strat and well, I fell. Hard. On the gym floor. And guess who's gym class just happened to be going on at that time? Yup. Michael's. Oh I was embarrassed. But I got right back up and we tried a different stunt. Obviously that one wasn't going to work. Later that day I was walking to class. I remember being the only one in the hallway for some reason. (I don't know if it is because I had a special moment with Michael so I blocked everyone else out, or I was actually just late and the last one in the hall...) But anyways, Michael was also walking to class the same direction as me. He caught up to me and said he had seen me fall and wondered if I was ok. I remember him saying, "That looked like it hurt." That's about it and I do remember at the time just kind of giving him a quick, "Yeah, it did but I'm fine" kind of answer and hurrying to class. But looking back on it, that was so sweet of him to ask if I was ok. Heck, he could have been running late to class but he took the time to ask. What a sweetie.

Fast forward to the summer after Jr. year, before our Sr. year. I randomly get a text one day from Michael. Just askin how I was blah blah. If I remember right, he sent it late one night and I didn't read it till the next morning. And for some reason, I sent him a text back. So began our summer texting romance. We would just text all day every day. Constantly. One of the first things we talked about was who each other liked. I didn't like anyone at the time and was just cheerin and workin. But I remember his reply specifically. He said, "Well you know I've always thought you were cute." I seriously wish I still had some of those texts sometimes. I just pulled the, "Aw shucks you're too sweet" card. I wasn't really interested at the time. But the more we talked the more I got to like him. Then one day he asked me if I had any tattoos. I was like, "What the crap?! I'm only 17! Why the heck would he even ask me that?!" Well turns out it's because he had one. When I first saw it and saw that it was a cross, I thought, "Well this is never going to last." I couldn't date someone with a tattoo, not to mention one of a cross. My parents would flip!

But, I didn't let that tattoo stop me from getting to know him. Turns out we had a lot in common and there was a lot I liked about him! So when he asked me to hang out on Peach Days I said, sure! I was hanging out with a friend then met up with him and his brother Tony. So I split from my friends and hung out with him. I met his parents that very day...

Oh can I just mention that that morning he said he would wave to me as I passed in the parade. So I made sure I was on the right side of the truck when I knew we'd be passing him. I expected he'd just give a little shy wave or even just nod. But nope, he waved both arms like he was stranded on an island and saw a helicopter! It was so cute to me! Not many guys would do that.

Ok back to hanging out at Peach Days... After we went to his house I had told him all I wanted to do that Peach Days was ride the ferris wheel with him, so he took me on. It was so fun! We held hands and I think that's the moment I fell in love. He just treated me so good without being afraid to be himself. And I just loved that about him. 

We took things pretty slow from there. We didn't kiss till like 4 months after that Peach Days and we didn't say I Love You till a couple months after that. I'm glad we took it slow though. It really gave us a chance to get to know each other without the pressure of that kind of stuff. We just had fun together and we still do! 

I know this is kind of a long version of a short story of when I knew he was the one, but I love telling it! 

Happy Weekend Everyone!
Go tell your significant other that you love them and think back on how you fell for them!

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