Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Box Elder County Fair 2011

This year we were lucky enough to have Kalel to ourselves at the fair!
We had such a great time!
We went Saturday during the day and it was perfect, besides being really hot there were not a lot of people there which means NO LINES! It was so nice!

We had cheese n cracker snack for the
ride out there and he licked out all the cheese!

First stop was the animals!

For some reason he would point and
laugh at the funny looking animals.
He loved this big Turkey

Then we sat down to eat-

Then, thanks to Brenda giving us her extra tickets, he went on rides!

Then we bought him a few cheap toys and he played a game-

he WON the grand prize (which
was the tiger and blue sword)
all by himself!
He slept like this the whole way home
We had such a good time, we can't wait for Peach Days!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Hey everyone! Go check out the amazing job Jessie did on our Formals HERE
They are so unique and special to us! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Picture Update

Just for fun here are a few pictures I have taken lately!

Nights @ the track w/ my sistas

Me being a real-life
ninja turtle in FYE

Went to a murder mystery dinner.
My character was a gypsy/fortune teller.

A few of just me

New jewelry

New headphones which I LOVE

Major sunburn
New glasses!
Newest addition to my collection...
Thank You Swap Meet!
Now I have a place to put all of my
picture CDs.
Again, Thank You Swap Meet!
New Raiders Earrings!
Can't WAIT to wear these to work!
Once again, Thanks Swap Meet!
Added my bouquet to an empty
What do ya think?!
Now for some puppy pics!


This is seriously all he does.
Oh and EAT.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tyler Hilton @ the Davis County Fair!!!

I don't know if you all know this about me, but I am a HUGE One Tree Hill fan! Who am I kidding, of course you knew!
My sisters and I got the opportunity the other day to go see the guy that plays Chris Keller!!!
It was my first experience of being star struck.
I had never been so close to someone I was such a big fan of!
Here are some pictures of that awesome night!

He came out to set up
and mine and Jodi's faces
did this...

I just love the fact that it was just him and
his guitar and that's it!
It sounded amazing!

Story for the pic above: He was getting ready to play one of the last songs and a girl in the crowd yelled out, "Wait! Aren't you going to play 'When it Comes'?!" He said, "Oh, you want me to?! Ok!" Then he re-tuned his guitar and told a little story as he did so. I thought it was pretty cool he was taking requests.

Front row!
So close to him!

And one more picture of my artistic side..

Everyone should check Tyler out!
Also, he has a new CD coming in January and I can't wait to get it!