Friday, May 3, 2013

Daily Challenge - DAY THREE - Relationship With Spouse

Be prepared for a very cheesy post ;)


Describe Your Relationship With Your Spouse

Michael is my best friend. And I consider myself to be the luckiest girl on the planet to have him and the way he treats me!
I think our relationship is PERFECT! =]

*We tell each other EVERYTHING. It's kind of funny because we joke about this a little because we sometimes only see each other for an hour a day so we gotta cram everything in that we need to tell each other. Or else we'll text each other something the minute we find out and think the other would want to know. Like if I see something on Pinterest that I know will make him laugh, I take a picture and send it to him.

*We even tell each other EVERYTHING we buy. I know some people think it's not necessary to tell your spouse every little thing you buy but we do. We'll usually ask the other if it's ok that we spend the money to get something. We are just careful that way and we want the other to know what we get and what we spend. (Unless it's a present of course..) But at the same time we don't prevent the other from getting something if they REALLY want it. This seems so silly to other couples I know but it works for us! :)

*No, he doesn't always bring me "Just Because" flowers or little gestures like that, but that doesn't matter. He does other things for me that are way better. One day (as I mentioned on a previous post) I had an emotional breakdown getting ready for work. It was so silly but I just bawled over clothes that don't fit. Michael could tell I was getting upset and knew I was about to cry so he just basically said, "Let me hold you while you let it all out." It was just what I needed. He comforted me and assured me that what I was feeling was silly and I looked beautiful no matter what. (A load of crap I'm sure but sweet none the less.)

*We don't keep each other from doing things. For instance, before I got pregnant, when we would go to parties we would stay out super late and just have fun. Well, when I got pregnant, I got tired waaaay early. I would even get a little grumpy if I wasn't in bed by like 9:00. So if there was a party, I wouldn't want to go, or I wouldn't want to stay late, but I didn't care if he stayed. I'm not the kind of girl that would MAKE Michael do anything. I will ask him sometimes, but the choice is his. And same goes for me. There were times I would go dancing with friends on nights he worked and he didn't care. He wants me to have fun and I'm the same for him. I have friends that'll say, "Oh I'll just MAKE so&so do this for me." And I'm like, "Oh I'll ASK Michael if he'll do this for me."

*He knows me better than anyone. If he is watching something that he knows I'll laugh at, he'll make sure I see it and get a good laugh. He knows just what to say to make me laugh when I really don't want to. He knows just what to say to calm me down when I am panicking about something. He is such a good problem-solver, if I am freaking out about a bill being late he knows what to say to assure me that it's ok and he's got it on track.

*We never fight. I know you are all like, "Yeah right, everyone fights a little." Nope. Not really. Of course we have gotten in little arguments before but nothing that involved slamming doors or leaving. We talk it out or take a breather and come back to it later. But we always solve it and it's usually forgotten later that day. We both hate it and avoid it at all costs. At the same time, we don't keep things bottled up either. I'd like to think we have good communication.

*We play the "I Love You More" game. We have STRICT rules and regulations. Right now he has the win. But don't worry, I'll get it back!

*I get a "Good morning beautiful" text EVERY SINGLE DAY. Best part of my day. He knows how to make me feel special.

I hope everyone gets to experience a relationship like mine and Michael's. He's the best!
(See, told ya, totally cheesy! =])

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