Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Random Wednesday

My top songs:
1: Dia Frampton - Heartless
2: Avril Lavigne - Wish You Were Here
3: Blake Shelton - Ready to Roll
4: Adele - Someone Like You
5: Haley Reinhart - Rolling in the Deep
6: Steven Tyler - (It) Feels so Good
7: Jennifer Lopez - On the Floor
8: Emily Osment - Lovesick
9: Jason Aldean feat. Kelly Clarkson - Don't You Wanna Stay
and for 10, the video is best:
(especially at the 2:45 mark, it gets intense)
10: Eric Church - Homeboy

In other news, I went to my nephews swimming lessons today!
He is such a little fishie!
That's him climbing

Sorry the last 2 pictures were a little blurry I meant to take my actual camera but just had my phone!

I feel like a crazy coupon lady!

I know this doesn't look like a lot but my total before coupons/Smiths rewards card was:
and I spent:

Now, here's my latest movie review:
Saw it. Loved it.
Hope those of you that have seen it stayed till after the credits, there was a preview for The Avengers, coming out next summer!

Seen it. Twice. Once in 3-D, Once regular.
But really good.
But really long.

Don't go see this in theaters.
The best part of the movie was the train wreck which is in the beginning and they show in previews.
The whole movie, you don't know what it is is.
It's confusing.
But it's good enough to rent.

I love Kevin James and he was so funny in this one.
Also Joe Rogan was also pretty funny!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dear Big Lots,

I still do not understand how we went this long without being introduced. I promise to visit often especially around pay days. Thank you so much for the mp3 adaptor. Being able to listen to my zune in my car is amazeballs.
Your new friend

Friday, July 15, 2011

Let's Review...

We all know I watch a little too much TV but let's face it, I have no life and TV shows are amazing nowa days.
Let's review my week in TV shows.

Starting with SUNDAY:
The Glades
I want to like this show SO MUCH. But I'm still on the fence.
It's funny, it has a love story (which by the way I'm team him and Callie even though she has a husband in Witness Protection and a 14 yr old son...)
Keeping up with the Kardashians
I know what you are thinking but I love this show. It's pretty funny as ridiculous as it is. It's definitely a guilty pleasure. Oh and the last episode was one I could TOTALLY relate to so that's always a plus.

Yeah, I think I was meant to be a jersey girl. They are so funny, I can't help but just love this show. Also, don't be surprised if I speak in a Joisy accent and call you a Jerk-off. I've been known.

The Bachelorette
Now, I must admit, this is the first season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette I've seen. And I can see why people are such big fans. However, a lot of people have not nice things to say about Ashley, and I kinda like her! Every girl is insecure so I feel she is very relatable but, that's just me.
Rizzoli and Isles
I'm lovin this show so far. I watched the first season and loved it. Rizzoli (on the left) is so hard core it's amazing and then Isles the Coroner, is so smart and so girly and the combination of the two is so funny! Plus ther's action! First episode and like 3 bombs umm hello! Nice!

Design Star
Not only is this a competition show which I seem to love, but it's a design show which is amazing. I totally love rooting for people and for designs and then wanted to go spend all the money I don't have to do crazy designs in my home. Right on, designers, inspire me!

Monday also has RAW but I watch that with Michael.


I love this show. I know these girls get a lot of crap for doing a show but I think it is a bit inspiring. If I were a teen, I would not want know. And even not being a teen I am TERRIFIED to be a mom and this show is a nice look inside a young mom's trials. It's great. NOT a fan of Amber and her psychoness and how Gary is always getting back with her. Ew. Move on dude. And Farrah bugs me sometimes. But, I love Maci and I am a big fan of Caitlyn. That couldn't have been easy and I know a lot of people think adoption is the worst thing on the planet but look at the life that lucky little girl has because they knew it was best for her. Plus her and Tyler are an adorable couple! Anyways, let's move on.


The Challenge: Rivals
It's safe to say I'm obsessed with all of the MTV challenge shows. They are an elimination show, a win-lots-of-money show, a drama show, and hook-up-make-out show, I mean, it has it all. Plus, I would love to try some of these challenges and see if I could hang.
I could so go into detail about who I love (Kenny, CT to name the tops) and who I hate (Wes mainly) but let's get on with my favorite show of the week:

Ok, now for THURSDAY:
Rookie Blue
There is only one show I watch on Thursday's but I came to the conclusion last night that it could quite possibly be the best show on the planet and I could quite possibly do an entire post on the one show.

Not only does this have love triangles:
Andy (the main girl in the middle) is engaged to this guy:
Who is very gorgeous but can I just say, too perfect?
But, be prepared to gasp, he proposed to Andy with his ex's (and coworkers!) ring! dun dun dun! So I say, Luke, be with this girl:
The ex/current co-worker

Because, Andy should be with this guy:
Sure, maybe he's not quite as cute, but he is Andy's training officer, they had a steamy hook up during a blackout in season one, he is super protective of her, and OBVIOUSLY loves her. Plus I'm a total sucker for protective guys.

He so loves her
That's not even the only love triangle but I won't bore you with the details, just know you should watch this show.

But there is ACTION!
Episode one, Andy is standing next to a girl that gets shot, then she herself gets shot in the vest. (Sam was the first one to take such good care of her.)
Episode two, Andy's fiance gets shot and she kneels sobbing over his bleeding, dying body and yes, I sobbed with her. (Sam was there comforting her. Don't worry he lives but only so that he can hopefully get back with his ex once Andy finds out that was her ring first.)
And last night's episode, Andy goes after a woman in a burnt, breaking down building and gets trapped with the woman and the woman's dead husband's body. (Sam is on the phone with her the whole time and is right there to rescue her. Oh and he has her on speed dial 3!)
Ok I think that's all I'll say about this amazing show but do watch, you won't be disappointed!

There is nothing on Fridays anymore besides the usual WWE Smackdown which I watch with Michael.
Now everyone go set your DVRs and watch some of these shows!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oakland the Hero

I was reading the Reader's Digest about all of these heroic pets and I thought to myself, "If my life were ever in danger, would my puppies come to my rescue?"
Well, my life was never in danger but Yankee was in serious trouble and thanks to Oakland I found him.
I'd like to think of Oakland as a hero.

This morning  around 10 or so I hear barking. Oakland is a barker so I didn't really think anything of it. But, I was trying to sleep and so was Michael so I went outside to slap him. Once I got the door open I hear Yankee whining his head off and Oakland and Raider right by him. Yankee's paw had gotten caught in some ripped fabric on our swing. It was wrapped so tight around his little paw and with all of his struggling, it was only getting worse. I run in the house and grab scissors and cut what I can off but I can't get too close to where it's wrapped because he is struggling plus I have the other dogs right up in my business. I rush him into Michael and hold him down while Michael frees his poor little tiny paw. He was fine and immediately wanted to run around, nothing serious, but I was freaking out. If Oakland wouldn't have annoyed the crap out of me he would have been caught longer and it could have gotten worse.

Scary yet heroic moment for my pups and I!

Yank lovin on Oakland


Oakland and Raider

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mi Casa

I have a few before and after pictures!
Aren't those the best!?
So here you go, Michael and I got a few gift cards for our wedding and we were finally able to go spend them!
Here are just a couple things we got!


Now we just need paint on the walls!


Our bare living room wall...


These are the frames we had people sign at our wedding FINALLY hung! Thanks to some command strips we bought with one of our gift cards!
It's so exciting adding even the littlest touches to our home!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Photo Upload Overload

I FINALLY uploaded a bunch of pics to my facebook page
I have been way behind so it feels good to get caught up!
Here's a few of the fun ones I uploaded!

Yesterday's gorgeous Rainbow after the storm

Cute little Yankee

My latest pic of the temple progress

The rose bush I thought was a gonner has bloomed!

Tony and Kaci wedding

What a time for weddings!
Friday we had Tony and Kaci's wedding and Saturday we went to Bret and McKell's wedding.

Here are some pics of my brother-in-law and new sister-in-laws wedding!

The first kiss
Cutting the cake
The bouquet toss

Vivi also caught it at my wedding!

Decorating the car

Welcome to the family Kaci!