Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

This year was an exciting one!
A: Michael had Christmas Eve off for the first time since we've been together basically.
B: We spent the night at my parents house. It was just like old times and Michael was such a trooper hanging out with all the girls!
We had a great Christmas!
It all started with family parties...

Then Christmas Eve was a blast hanging with my sisters like old times...

Our Christmas came a little early though...
It's a BLAST!
Christmas Day was a busy one. We of course started with my family opening presents and breakfast...

After breakfast we went to Michael's parents to open presents...

After that we went back to my mom's house to go to their ward for their Christmas program. It was beautiful.
After that, we went straight to Logan for lunch. (I know, hard to believe that by this time it's only LUNCH!)
(no pictures from there though)
Then we went back to his parents house for dinner! We played wii, ate a delicious dinner, and had a great time!
(no pictures from there either)
 Of course, I took a TON more pictures you can see them on my FB page!
Hope everyone had a merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Worst Week Ever

Last week was probably the worst week of my life.
A trip to the hospital, a family member going through something incredibly diffifult and sick puppies, made up my week.
And to top the week off, we lost one of the puppies.
The other two seemed to get a little bug where they didn't want to eat but they got over it in a day or two so when the third got it, we figured he would also just get over it.
But he got really really bad. Wouldn't eat. Wouldn't drink. Wouldn't even move.
Friday night we gave him a bath and let him sleep in our bathroom.
Saturday morning was the worst morning.
I actually miss his 6:00 a.m barking.

RIP Oakland (right)