Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Well it's getting down to the home stretch I'd say.
6 weeks (maybe 5) left to go!
The Dr. thinks I will go to about 39 weeks which would put me the first of August. Cross our fingers!
I have a few concerns:
{1} She will come when my mom is out of the state which is the week of July 24th.
{2} She will come on August 4th. That is Michael's championship game in his basketball league and since he is on the defending champion team, I would hate for him to miss that big game and so would he. But DUH his daughter is more important. (Let's just hope we don't have to deal with that at all.)
{3} She will come in the middle of the night when Michael is at work and I am home alone. I just know I'll be freaking out and won't know what to do and he would be the only one that I would want by my side. Of course I'm going to call my mom first thing but I would want Michael there through it all.
So those are the prayers we need. =]

Sorry for the blur!

Notice I'm not wearing any shoes. The less I can wear shoes the better. Even flip-flops dig in to my poor swollen feet.
I have tried just about anything and I'll keep trying them all again and again just for a little relief!
I should be so so grateful that this is the worst I've had to deal with so I am glad things aren't worse.

Can't see my toes!

However, I'm glad because this is what I would see if
I didn't have a belly in the way!
Hello Flinstone feet!

Mornings are the worst part of the day for me. It's when I am the most emotional for some reason. Maybe it's because that's when I am the most swollen. I wake up and my hands are just numb and I can't make a fist to save my life. It's sooo painful! I also have a hard time being pleasant in the morning. I just want to go to work and hide in my office and never be bothered. Of course that doesn't happen but a girl can dream. After lunch I usually cheer right up.

The good news is we got some stuff done this weekend!
Crib is UP!!!
And we have arranged her room to the layout I want it in and I am loving it. Now I just need the dresser and wardrobe to be all done so that I can start organizing her clothes and things! That is happening this weekend!

Here are some pictures of us Michael working on the crib!

Domer "helping"

How cute is this crib!
Ignore the fact that her bedding isn't done yet but that is in the works!

Now here are some pictures of her room!

Yes we still have things piled in that corner but the
dresser is getting done this weekend if it kills me!
Then we'll (my cousin Tish and I) organize her clothes in
her drawers and everything!
I am so happy with how her room looks right now and I still have more to do!
I'll be hanging Chinese lanterns above her crib along with a banner of her name that my friend Talia made. Then I have a few picture frames and things like that to hang as well!
I can't wait to show it to you ALL DONE!

Now here are some funny pregnancy photos I have found that lighten my emotional mood:

(I hope Domer is like this with
Zianna =])

I don't have too hard of time bending over
but this made me laugh.
Oh and when I get into my tuppeware cupboard
and they all stumble out over and over, yeah.
That's when I feel this way!

This is how I feel almost all day.
But I love it because if I don't feel her I

I cannot wear any shoes and I cannot make
a fist when I would like to the most and
punch something!

Yup. Amen.
I go to the dr. again tomorrow and I'm crossing my fingers we get some pictures. I'm also crossing my fingers he'll have more to say about my swelling since it has gotten worse since my last appointment. Hopefully all is still well!

Thanks for tuning in!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Anniversary Weekend

This weekend sure was a busy one!
First the Quilt Shop Hop on Thursday and Friday.
Then the Shower on Saturday.
Then Sunday and Monday we celebrated our anniversary in Salt Lake.

It was a long weekend but soooo fun!

Sunday I went to Michael's basketball game up in Logan then afterwards we hit the road.
We made a quick stop in Ogden to see Codey and Danika's new baby girl April! She is such a doll!

She's so tiny and so dang cute! It makes me wish it was August already!

Then we headed to Salt Lake and checked into our hotel. 
We took a little nap then woke up, got ready, and headed to dinner at Rodizio Grill.
It was sooooooo good!
We've eaten there before and we always love it. It's a fun special occasion place for us. And Michael is always in heaven when we go there!

We had planned on seeing 42. I found a theater in Salt Lake that was still playing it. However, the wait to get a table was longer than we thought so we didn't make it in time to the movie. 
Instead we went to the new one with Will Smith..."After Earth"
I actually really liked it. I thought it was a little weird but it's M. Night Shyamalan and his movies are always a little weird. So I thought it was good!

Then after a lovely night's sleep we got up, ate at Denny's then headed to the Aquarium.
It was so fun! Not very big, which is good because with this whole feet swelling thing, the longer I'm on my feet the worse they get.
I thought it was the perfect amount for me.

Here's a few moments from the aquarium...

As for our anniversary picture, we took a ton. In front of the penguins, in front of a shark fossil, in front of a tank full of colorful fish...BUT all the ones we took on my camera were either blurry or Michael had his eyes closed. Luckily we got ONE good one on his parents camera and that is the one that is in the frame.

Basically it looks like this only not blurry and we aren't
looking at the camera. Little bit of a disappointment
but that's ok. The day was about being together not
just about the picture.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Quilt Shop Hop 2013

Do you remember last year's Quilt Shop Hop?!
Well, I went again this year and loved it again!
I had a great time spending the weekend with my mom looking for fabric for Baby Z!

Here are some of the highlights of the weekend :)

Ice cream is just what I needed after a long hot day of
shop hopping!

I am going to help make my mom the cutest quilt out
of these darling fabrics!

The theme this year was games and this shop had
Monopoly so this is when we got sent to jail and had to get
our "mug shot" taken.
This is 3 1/2 generations!

This was our last stop up in Logan. Obviously Candy Land
was their game and it was sooo cute! They had candy to
eat and was my FAVORITE. I'm glad we ended
with this one!
I had a great time and I am sure I'll go again next year!
Though, I didn't find exactly what I was looking for for her crib skirt....I did get some good ideas!