Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!
I'll be posting pics from my 3 day weekend soon!

Thanks to all of those that read my QUESTIONS FOR MOMS blog post! And to those that took the time to answer, THANK YOU!!! All of the responses I got were awesome and a BIG help! 
My mind is much more at ease now!

Ok time for this week's update!
I thought I would do it a little differently this week and show you the bumps all together so you can see how she's grown!

To me it looks like between 21 and 22 weeks she just popped! Then I think she gets bigger in every picture!

Anyways, here are the pictures of her I promised! {FINALLY!}

There's that pout!

And her cheeks are so chubby all of a sudden!
Ok now onto that list of mine...

-hang blinds and curtains
-get a crib (Michael's mom said she'd buy that like a month ago)
-fix up the dresser
-convert entertainment center to a wardrobe
-finish rocking chair
-make all crib bedding
-make pom-pom things to hang above crib

And guess what?!

Blinds and curtains are hung!

Rocking chair is painted so now I just have the
cushions to complete!
So I guess I could cross a couple of those things off my list! 

In other news, I went yard sale-ing on Saturday and got quite a few awesome things!

I got a plain white crib bumper for $3.00 that my mom and I will cover to look super cute.
I got some bibs, I realized I didn't have a single bib!
I got a boppy pillow for only $5! These things go for $30-$40 people!
And check that swing out! That is the exact swing I put on my registry and it costs $69.87. Guess, just GUESS how much I spent on this one? If you guess $20.00 you guessed waaay too high! I got it for only $5.00!!! 
I'm all about saving money if you couldn't tell!
I also got a lot of cute outfits and headbands for her and a couple of maternity shirts and pants for me. I think all together for the whole day I spent like $30.00 I kid you not!
Yard sale-ing is the way. to. go!

(By the way {HERE} is a link to my registry. I believe the shower will be the first part of July so stay tuned for that if you'd like to come!)

As for me, I have been feeling great!
I get a little bit of heart burn here and there.
I am starting to feel tired again but it's still not as bad as the first trimester.
I have been emotional lately. I could cry at almost anything.
Sometimes I am glad Michael works nights so I can cry over nothing and not be embarrassed. On the other hand, I don't need to be embarrassed in front of him, he would just comfort me and it sucks not having that when I need it.
Our next appointment is on the 11th of June which is our anniversary!
Which reminds me, I need your opinions. I don't know if you remember but last year on our anniversary I posted this picture to show that we are going to take one like it every year.

My question is: Since we will be at the Dr. on our anniversary should I take the picture there maybe with ultrasound pictures in it? Or should I wait until we go on our anniversary date and take it then. We'll probably just do a nice dinner or somethin. 
What do you all think?? I would really like to know!

Ok that was quite the hefty update thanks for hangin in there!
I'll do another one next week!

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  1. Do both and then decide which one you like better!