Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I thought having so much time off of work I would be able to keep up with the blog...but the little princess of ours is way more fun! ;)

Well here's how I spent my July!

Feet were so swollen the only thing that helped was
wearing socks and tennis shoes.

Ran over this and had it stuck in my tire.

Changing table got finished and moved in!

Craved these delicious cookies from Old Grist Mill


This was the last big project that got completed.

Cuddles with Domer never get old.

Hung this darling quilt my mom made in Z's room!

The last pic I took of me pregnant! I think 37-ish weeks

This girl left me :( Loved workin with her!

The final touches to Z's dresser!

Silly Domer

More cuddles with this cute guy

Made some cute little flowers for Z

Never a dull moment on Forest. Domer was sure intrigued.

Z finally arrived!

Made us the happiest parents in the world!

Still can't even begin to describe how lucky I am!

I think she is dang cute!

I'm a lucky mama to two babies!

We've enjoyed time off of work to just nap together all day!

July was like the best month of my life because of this little cutie! We are so blessed and love her more and more each day!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Coming Home

Coming home from the hospital was a very happy time for us. 
I was so SICK of being there! 5 days is long enough!

This is my "so happy to be going home" face

Putting her in her going home outfit.
(I had a WAY cute one picked out with a headband
and everything but she was too tiny for it)

First time in the car seat!

Wasn't long till she was sleepin

Oooh look at those car seat carryin muscles!

Finally gettin in the car!

Me and my babies!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Our Hospital Visit

We have been taking a million pictures of our precious little girl (I mean she's ADORABLE) so instead of putting them all on her arrival post {FOUND HERE} I thought I'd break it up in separate posts.

Here are the pictures from our hospital stay!



(There are a few people that did come visit us at the hospital that I forgot to get pictures with! :( Sorry!)

Aunt Kate and Papa

Aunt Kate


Cristina and Rob

Grandpa Jensen

Grandma Jensen




Aunt Kate

Aunt Jodi


Aunt Jamie

Nana and Papa the night she was born right after I came
back from recovery.

If you came and took pictures, can I get copies?!