Friday, March 29, 2013



Coloring eggs is soooo exciting!

I'm pretty sure Michael still wears that shirt often haha

Awwww our cute lady and the tramp moment

The boys showed their grandma some of the eggs they
decorated. You can tell by her face they were...

And tiny little nephew!
Hope everyone has a Happy Easter this weekend full of fun new memories!


Honestly I haven't cooked like, at all this week because I have been so sick. 

So this is a favorite of ours that we use all the time.
I got this from a co-worker and we just LOVE it.

-6 Tbs. FRANK'S Hot Sauce (it's very particular that you get FRANK'S brand)
-1 1/2 c. Brown Sugar
-4 Tbs. Water

Bring first 3 ingredients to a boil until sugar has dissolved.
Pour over chicken.

Now, the reason I say Chicken and I'm not too specific, is because we have used this a few different ways.

We have coated popcorn chicken with it and put it on a salad. 
We have coated chicken strips with it and dipped in Ranch. 
I have even put it on cooked chicken breasts, shredded it, and put it in a burrito with Ranch. 

All have been different, all have been delish!

Hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


So about a week ago I could tell I was coming down with a cold. 
I knew there wasn't a lot I could do for it being pregnant and all but I asked my Dr. what I could take and tried that.

NOTHING worked. I just got worse.
Monday I was fine during the day then came home from work and just got hit by a bus with it.
I was so sick I couldn't keep anything down not even water.
So first thing in the morning I called my family Dr.
Ew. It is so awful to be this sick and pregnant. 

But today has been a little better. I have been on antibiotics and taking Tylenol for the fever. I still ache a little and my throat still hurts of course but I was at least able to get up, shower, and even do some dishes. 

And yes, blog. 

So here is this week's outfit.
I wore this one day last week and loved it. 
Here is the Pinterest version...

Now, something you should know about me and fashion...
I HATE black and brown together.
Those two dark colors just do not go together to me.
Tan and black? Ok.
Brown and black? Never.
So I did not wear brown boots but here's what I did wear.


So basically a pregnancy denim shirt, leggings I have had forever, a couple simple tank tops underneath, and light colored tan boots. 
So simple. So comfy.
I wore it to work but I would wear it on a lazy day also.

I know I have only done a couple of these posts now...
{HERE} is a link to the first one with why I do it...
But I love looking for new outfits now. I put things together that I already had that I might now have put together before. It has also given me ideas for more outfits!
Even if nobody reads through these posts, they're still fun to put together and stuff! So for those of you that do read through them, THANK YOU!
and ENJOY!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Fact about me:
I go through phases.

There was my watch phase...
and my brownies phase...
And now...

My manicure phase.

You saw my St. Patrick's Day nails {HERE}
And I'm obsessed with Gel Nails and did a new one today!
 My Spring Nails!

The secret to the stripes? 
(which I know aren't perfect..)


Found the idea on Pinterest. (Where else?!)
And {HERE} are some ideas.

Now this was my first time doing them and here is what I have discovered...

-I am SUPER impatient when waiting for my nails to dry so I can do the marker design. Something I'll need to work on.
-I found you need to spray hairspray over the marker BEFORE doing your top coat. (Tip from the link above) But, don't spray too much or too close or it will still smear.
-My right hand obviously looks worse than my left because I can't draw straight lines with my left. Another thing I will need to work on.

Anybody else used Permanent Marker on manicures?
Any tips for this newbee?

Thursday, March 21, 2013


How many of you have gotten into GREEN SMOOTHIES?!
Well I finally have but I was hesitant and here is why...

I don't have time in the mornings to sit there and chop all of these yummy fruits.
I don't want to wake Michael with the loud noise of the blender.

Well. A solution I have found.
I was on Pinterest (of course) and found the idea to pre-make your smoothies and freeze them. {HERE}


So we got all the things we wanted in our green smoothies (yes, Michael is going to try them too)
Tonight I sat and chopped all of my fresh fruits and put all of my ingredients into freezer baggies. 

Now there really are a ton of recipes for green smoothies but my philosophy is to just throw whatever the heck you want in there!
So here is what I put in mine...

I am starting out with just one green. Spinach.
We just got this frozen pack of mixed fruit. Strawberries,
Peach, Mango and Pineapple.
Of course fresh is always better but this was easier
for our first time.

I found it easiest to peel the kiwi, cut off the ends, then
cut in half.
I put half a kiwi in each baggie.

I put half an apple in each baggie.
I used my Pampered Chef Apple-Peeler-Corer-Slicer.
It did it all for me.

And half a banana in each baggie. I only had 3 bananas so
2 baggies didn't get banana.
Basically throw all ingredients into each baggie. I made 8 pre-made smoothies. All will taste differently because some had more greens, some had more frozen fruit than others, and some, like I mentioned, didn't have bananas.

Now, when you make the smoothie you need to add:
-Juice (I just use sugar free apple juice)
-Stevia (sweetener. MUCH healthier and sweeter than sugar)

This is the Stevia I found at WalMart
Things you can also add that I do not:
-More greens such as Kale, Collards or Beet Greens
-Greek Yogurt (makes it thicker and I don't like mine too thick)
-Other liquids such as different kinds of milk or even just water
-Any fruits you want! Oranges, Lemon, you name it, you can throw it in!

Here is how they look all done!

There are TONS of recipes on Pinterest that you could easily put together and freeze or make fresh in the mornings.

With them all made like this I can blend them up in the evenings and stick them in the fridge so they are nice and ready in the morning to just grab and go!

Everyone enjoy your green smoothies!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Ever since I discovered THIS at home gel manicure, I have been slightly obsessed with finding new fun colors. 
I thought it would be fun to do St. Patrick's Day nails!
The green is called "Saddle Me Up" by PURE ICE
and I put "Jubilee" sparkles over the top by HARD CANDY.
The white is called "White On" by SALLY HANSEN.
I saw THIS little trick on Pinterest (of course) for the polka-dots!

Well, what do you think?!


Ok I have a confession to make..
Being pregnant has been so hard for me.
And I really shouldn't complain because I don't get sick at all, I am not huge yet and I'm not swollen or anything yet.
So I do understand that the worse of it is yet to come.
However, I hate that I can't wear any of my clothes.
I hate that I am tired and don't have energy to do anything especially work out.
And I hate that I am at my highest weight I have ever been in my life and it is only going to go up and there is nothing I can do about it.
Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to be a mom! I am so excited that I have a little girl on the way! But the things my body has to go through just plain suck.
I am almost ALWAYS on Pinterest.
I love to pin cute outfits and lately it has been depressing because I won't look half as good as those models in those outfits. Or half as good as I picture the outfit looking on a person.
So I decided to take a cute outfit I see on Pinterest and make it a maternity outfit.
I realize I still won't look as good in it as I would if I were skinny but hey, at least I'm making an effort in fashion.
P.S I LOVE fashion, however I feel like I have to personal style, I just kind of wing it and don't really care. I mostly like to look at high fashion designs and pretend like I totally know what I'm talking about.

So here is the outfit I chose...

And here is my version...
I wore khaki work pants I got at Ross.
A ruffled top is good for hiding curves, this
one I got at Forever 21 on the Clearance
I have had this white blazer forever (wish
I had a better one)
The heels I also got at Ross.
And simple accessories =]

Who says you can't wear heels when pregnant?!
I found this quote which I think is beautiful and I should try to keep in mind when I am feeling miserable.

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Here are a few of my current favorites...

favorite makeup:
This makeup is awesome because it has primer and
concealer built-in. It covers really really well and lasts
all day. And I'm not one for taking a million steps to put
makeup on so this being just one step is amazing to me.
favorite smell:
I got a coupon for a free sample of this Beautiful Day
scent from Bath and Body Works. Regularly this tiny little
bottle is $7.50 so it was well worth it! And it ended up
smelling amazing! I just spray a little on my wrist and rub
on my neck and it's such a heavenly smell..mmm.....
I'd pay the $7.50 again when I run out for sure.
favorite song:
This duet is simply amazing. I have never heard
of the guy she is singing with but I could put
this song on repeat and listen to it like all day
and belt it horribly too. Love it.

favorite nails:
I'm sure you've all heard of Shellac and how amazing it is.
Well I thought I would hop on that band wagon and get
all the stuff to do it at home on my own. Well LUCKILY I
stumbled upon THIS on Pinterest on how to get the same
type of manicure for MUCH less! And I'm glad I found that
because I love it! I did the manicure and it is so durable!
It didn't chip or fade in 2 days like it usually does. I work
with my hands a lot at work and this was tough enough for
all of that. It does peel easy once your nails grow and it
starts to lift, but if you paint another coat of gel or another
top coat I bet you can prevent that. I however, get bored
with a color anyways and wanna change colors.
favorite hair:
I love to part my hair like this. Weird I know but I get so
sick of my hair. I don't want to cut it, I like it long. Yet, I
want change. So this is a tiny way I can change it up from
time to time.

Have any favorites you wanna share?!
Comment below =]

Sunday, March 3, 2013


February flew by! And I feel like it wasn't very eventful either! 
Here's my month of February...

Got some new music.
Both SOOOOOO good!

We found out on Valentine's Day that we
are having a little girl!
Zianna-Marie Rosela Jensen

Michael surprised me with a little gift :)

I parted my hair a new way and kinda love it.
I call it the Brooke Davis part.

Zianna is getting spoiled already!
My mom got her this and thinks she should
wear it home from the hospital.

Domer is my watch dog. He is almost always
looking out the window!

My cousin Tish got this for Zianna and you
have no idea just how true it will be!

The good news is I can still wear my skinny
The bad news is, it won't be long before I'm
huge. Baby Z Bump sprung basically over

Domer sleeps in funny positions!
What did all of you do in February?!

New Couch!

Our couch was in bad shape. We got it from Michael's Grandma when we bought our house and she had had it for a while before that. The cushions were sunken in, it was a really light microfiber so it was hard to clean and even right after we cleaned it, it looked dirty. We figured we needed a new one that we could fit both of us, Domer and now a new little one and we had to do now before all of our money from here on out goes to her and any other future kiddos we have. So we went on a trip to Ogden. There is this store called The Rox I think..? It's like a DI type store but they didn't have anything we were looking for. Then we went to Knight's which is closing so everything was on sale. However, even the sale prices were waaay over what we really wanted to spend. So we went to Big Lots. We had looked there before and seen good deals and we went back on the right day because we got this big leather sectional for only $479.00 We were thrilled! I don't love the color of it to be honest but I love the size, it's comfy, and our living room looks great! Michael and I both fell asleep on it last night so I think that's a good sign that it's a keeper!

We added curtains over the small windows to help with glare and rearranged the pictures above the couch!

Yeah, ignore that those need to be ironed. 
And I will try to remember to post a better picture of the whole living room all complete! =]

Fun in the SNOW!

We noticed lately that whenever Domer comes in from outside he has snow all over his nose like he has been playing in it. 
So we took him to the backyard when it was snowing last weekend and let him just have a blast! 
He loved it! He was prancing, Michael was throwing snowballs and Domer couldn't find them, it was hilarious! 
(ignore the poor quality of the pictures, still trying to figure out my new camera)

Even though we had a blast in the snow that day I'm DYING for Spring!