Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

What a good Christmas!
We had such a good time!
Christmas Eve Michael had to work :(
but I went to my family's house for the usual Christmas Eve Feast.

Yes this is us at the dinner table.
After dinner.
hahaha everyone do this face it's HILARIOUS!
After dinner they opened their usual Christmas Eve gifts..

Christmas Eve JAMMIES!

Christmas Eve is when Michael and I open our presents from each other.
We figure we're so busy the next day going from family to family.
He got me:
Lee DeWyze CD (it's awesome!)
The Band Perry CD (it's also awesome!)
He picked them out himself and they are so cute!
I got him:
Jamey Johnson CD
Top 50 Superstars of all time DVD (wrestling)
A Raiders calendar
and..lounge pants =]
Plus our stockings were FULL of goodies!

Christmas Day was a BUSY one!
First we went to my parents to open gifts and eat breakfast!

Michael and the blanket
my mom made him
Raiders colors of course

We got tons!
A grittle, a george foreman, a waffle maker
and dish towels!

I now have ALL One Tree Hill soundtracks!
After breakfast we went up to Logan to visit with my grandparents and have lunch. They gave us all checks for Christmas!
Such a great gift!
Once we were done with lunch Michael and I headed to his parents house.
They gave great gifts as well!
I got a huge bath set with lotion, soaps and stuff and a HUGE makeup set as well.
Michael got new shower stuff with a razor and body wash and stuff as well as a new hoodie!

By this time we were POOPED and headed home to watch a movie and relax! I think we ended up watching Hercules haha!

Here are some of the things I made this Christmas to give as gifts:

I made this for Marie.

I made this for my mom!

I made this for Amber and one
kind of like it for Jessie!
Oh the joys of having a cricut!
Hope everyone had as good of Christmas as I did!

Friday, December 17, 2010


So I'm sitting upstairs wrapped in my Wizard of Oz Snuggie, watching Criminal Minds, thinking to myself,
"Shoot, I've seen this one."
"Hmmm...I haven't done a Flashback Friday post in a while."
and, "Dang I wish it wasn't snowing so I could go to the gym."
(I HATE driving in the snow.)
(Also, I have a new best friend, his name is GYM. We have fun together. Sometimes we dance together, sometimes he watches me try to lift weights probably laughing to himself how ridiculous I look and sometimes it's running while listening to tunes we enjoy.)
So, after my thoughts I came downstairs to blog.
What better way to sort out my thoughts than in my blog.
So...I have a few things I would like to share for FLASHBACK FRIDAY.
So much has happened this year it's crazy.
Let's look back on last Christmas shall we?

This is us at Michael's Grandma's
house last year.
Pierre, the pup you see, died
shortly after Grandma Rose did.
He couldn't live without her.

Michael in his sweet footie jammies I got him
last year trying to help me up after
crashing and buring off the papasan chair.
It was a laugh!
Us opening presents on Christmas Eve.
(we're impatient)
It's crazy how different the atmosphere will be this year.
We will be spending it with less people.
We won't be opening as many presents.
(let's face it, playing SANTA to everyone last year was fun but we can't keep affording that)
I can't believe it is only 8 days away!

Ok now for the second part of my FLASHBACK FRIDAY.
At my Hanks family Christmas party, my grandma gets gifts for everyone.
Usually for the married couples (+ us) she gets them a loaf of homemade bread and homemade jam. (YUMMMMM!)
This year she still got us the jam (YUMMMMM!) but in place of the bread was this:

This is my Grandma and Grandpa when they were 19 and dating.
Tryin to remember the year...I believe 1941?
(family, correct me if I'm wrong)
How cool of a gift is that?!
My favorite things. Photos with loved ones and memories.
Especially loved ones that are no longer with us.
This is such a treasure to have and I can't wait to someday show it to my grandchildren.
I also can't wait for some of the pictures of Michael and I to be such treasures to our grandkids one day.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Pictures!

I don't know if you know this about me, but I love to take pictures.
No, I don't want to be a photographer and do it for a living...
I just love taking pictures and the thought of them being looked at for years to come and the memories that come with them!
So here are a few of my Christmas decorations I just felt like sharin!

Yup, the whole 'ornaments in a bowl centerpiece'
Now who doesn't LOVE the sight of presents
under the tree?!
Hope to see pics of everyone's Christmas Spirit!

Christmas Parties!

This weekend was SUCH a busy one!
On Saturday we had the Hanks Family Christmas party.
Always been one of my favorite traditions!
We do a big dinner, pinatas and Santa!
Sooooo fun!

I got to hold new baby Laura!

I hope Santa gets us what we asked for -
a delayed gift - a honeymoon lol

Me n Cody!

Playing an INTENSE game of Lightning!

This is me calling JJ a cheater.
Let me explain...
JJ AND Michael got out like 5 turns ago k...
Well I may have talked some smack saying I was in longer than JJ.
So, he got back in line.
Fast forward a few turns, he gets me out.
You cannot come back in once you've been out!
I would have WON that game I'm sure of it!
It was me, JJ (the cheater) and Sean left.
Grrrrrrr.....JJ better watch out!

Now onto Sunday.
The GLEED Family Christmas party.
My grandparents were kind enough to let me bring Tony and Michael's nephew with us.
They even made him a goodie bag so he could sit on Santa's lap too.

He got the first BINGO!

This is him digging through his goodie bag
he got from Santa!

Car and goodies from his goodie bag!

Playin with the airplane he got!

He was gettin pretty good at it!

My dad read a story about Gifts for Christ.

We wrote our gifts for Christ on these papers..

..which ended up being Jesus' straw for his bed!

I was lucky enough to get to keep
this "sculpture" my grandparents
made. It was delicious!
Oh how I love this time of year for all the family time we get!
I hope everyone spends quality time with their families this Christmas season!
(P.S I have a TON more pictures on my Facebook page! Go check em out!)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

One of THOSE days...

We all have THOSE days right?!
Pleeeaasse say it's not just me.
You know, those days where NOTHING goes right and you wanna yell, "I QUIT!"
Yeah. Say hello to my day today.
It was ROTTEN!
(Well, and it's not even over! It's barely 4:30...ugh)
Things that made this day rotten include,
-getting my monthly visit :(
-lights that won't stay up making my window look ghetto
-running late for work which by the way was the morning shift on my DAY OFF
-more than one unhappy costumer
-saying HI! to someone and having them not even give me a glance. RUDE!
BUT! Instead of focusing on all things negative...
You know that quote:
"Every day may not be good but there's something good in every day."
"It's up to you to find beauty in the ugliest of days."
Well, I attempted.
Here's the beauty in my ugly day:

Mt Dew, you save my life some days
Found M&Ms in my purse.
Wore my FAVE shirt!
Isn't it cute?!
And did I mention..
$4.00 Kohl's clearance rack!
That's right!
My pups were SOOO happy to see me!

Other beauty-ful things in my day that I don't have pictures for include:
-My mom's neighbor stopping in to my work and talkin for a few minutes just to see how I was. Even though she had a to-do list a mile long!
-Reader's Digest (They have the BEST jokes!)
-Listening to Christmas music! =] Including one of my FAVES Garth's "Santa looked a lot like Daddy"
Such a good song!
Oh and you must hear Destiny's Child's Christmas Album. SoOoO good! An Oldie but goodie!
-Going to Zumba tonight. Zumba always is so fun and makes me feel so good!

Hope nobody has to go through THOSE kind of days but when you do, remember all the little things that make you smile!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Gettin in the Christmas Spirit!

I have to admit it's taken me a while to get in the Christmas spirit.
I just BARELY put our tree up yesterday the 5th.
That's crazy to me!
Usually it's up the day after Thanksgiving!
BUT we had a great night puttin it up!
Michael, Tony and I put it up while listening to some Country Christmas tunes!
It was pretty fun!
We got the whole house decorated pretty quick!

puttin the topper on!

our cute little tree!


puttin up the garland

I made this

My FAVORITE countdown!

more countdowns and a nativity

puttin up outside lights for the first time

my FAVORITE nativity.
we used to rearrange this probably
100 times before Christmas
Most of my decorations are a little outdated cuz they were hand-me-downs but I love them all!
Hope everyone else is gettin in the Christmas spirit!