Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DAY 24

I skipped this one because I wanted to wait till I had pics of a clean house...
You're in luck.
My house was semi-clean the other day.


First of all, USA

Second of all, UTAH

Third of all, Brigham City

And you've seen it before but you get it again,
my house:

Now, something most of you have never seen before...
Come on in!

When you first walk in this is what you get.
Dining room for now cuz what the heck
else am I supposed to do with it.
This is our Dining room set up for
Thanksgiving dinner.

Living room.
Only room that is done the way I pictured.
All the others I still have plans for.

I don't have pics of my kitchen...
Well, it's a mess right now.
And I have plans for that kitchen so I suppose I'll have to postpone those pics for now.

My sink/getting ready hallway.
I guess you have to actually come in my house
in order to understand.

My bathroom.
Oh how I LOVE that tub.
My closet.
I know. Amazing.
And...I have more plans for it.
Sorry no pics of the master bedroom.
Basically it's a king size bed and an entertainment center.
Tiny closet. (Michael's)
Door to bathroom.
That's it.

I am also not posting pics of my basement.
All there is is a laundry room, kind of a disaster.
A bathroom, always a disaster of a mess and I don't think I should have to clean it. There's a reason I don't use it.
A "weight room" though we just stacked the weights in a corner cuz they weren't getting used. That room is basically empty.
A game room. Not much to it.
Toy room, disaster. And TINY.
And...spare room with a bed, fridge, freezer and the water heater. Lol.
There is also Tony's room a.k.a my future craft room.
A door that leads to outside...and a closet or 2.

That's where I live!

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