Tuesday, November 9, 2010

10 things I love about...


wow, can't believe I am such a slacker on this one!

1- I love love her kind heart.
2- I love her hilarious personality. Never a dull moment.
3- I love how I can confide in her.
4- I love that she can confide in me.
5- I love her style.
6- She is so incredibly talented. Especially in music.
7- She is stinkin smart.
8- She is so true to herself. I admire that.
9- She may not know it, but she has such a confidence about her.
10- I just love how close we are. And more importantly how close we will always be. I was given a friend for life with her.

Jodi, I love you so much. I was supposed to do this around your birthday so sorry it's late! Believe it or not, being your older sister, I look up to you. You are so amazing!


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