Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Day 3 is favorite TV show and well this is a NO BRAINER! I'm sure everyone can guess because I talk about it so much.


I love it. The drama! Yup. I love drama especially when it is NOT in my life! So...since that was such an easy one let me just tell you ALL my favorite shows! In fact, I will tell you what shows I have set to record on my DVR. You ready for this?

Sundays: CSI:Miami. NOT NEARLY as good as Vegas or NY but I dig anything CSI.

Mondays: Dancing with the Stars. Although, I've been behind and not in the mood to catch up. I'm super upset Audrina is gone. Also on Mondays: RAW. Michael and I watch this together every Monday and every Monday I fall asleep during it because we have to wait to start it till after Monday Night Football of course. I also record Lie To Me every Monday but I'm kinda getting over that show. It's not on the top of my list.

Tuesdays: 16 & Pregnant. (Before it was Teen Mom. Just whichever is in season.) Watching this show sometimes makes me want kids! Until the labor scene. Then I'm like, "Well, I'm never having kids! No thank you!" It just looks no fun but ultimately I do want maybe adoption? Kidding! I'll tough it out. Also on Tuesdays, The Bad Girls Club. Again, I love their drama because I get to watch it! Hate drama in real life! And the best show of all is also on Tuesdays! ONE TREE HILL, my love!

Wednesdays: The RW/RR Challenge: Cutthroat. Can I just tell you how much I LOVE these shows! They kick butt and someday I would love to be on one. However, I think to be on one I would need to work out a bit and get in shape but there is NO TIME for work out with all the TV I watch. Am I the only crazy one out there that has THIS MANY shows they watch?! Anyone? Also on Wednesdays, the new season of Criminal Minds. Oh how I love this show. Oh how it gives me nightmares. You see, I am home alone at night A LOT. And a lot of criminals on this show take advantage of little old ladies like me that are home alone. Yikes. Good thing I have an alarm system. You bet your bottom dollar I arm it EVERY NIGHT. But oh man. Agent Derek Morgan is a hottie! Ladies...If you have not seen him you are SO missing out but that's better for me because he is for my dreams and my dreams only. HA I'm kidding. But really. He is YUMMY.

Thursdays: CSI Vegas. The original. Gotta love Nick Stokes. You know, with how much I love these kind of shows you would think I would be interested in a career involving such things. NOT. I hate science. I hate bloody guts. I so do not think I could handle that many dead bodies let alone the poor families! That's why I just watch it on TV. I think the only other thing that was on Thursdays was Project Runway but that's over now.

Fridays: CSI:NY. a.k.a The best one. I love it! I love Danny and Lindsey and how cute they are. I love Detective Flack. Yums. I love what a tough guy Mac is. Who would mess with him?! I love that one guys glasses. You know, the coroner who's glasses come apart at the bridge and he takes them apart to take them off his face...ya. Love it. Oh and did you know? In EVERY episode. (pretty much) there is a chase?! Talk about excitment, drama and thrill! CSI:NY, I love you. The end. Fridays is also Smackdown. (wrestling) Not as good as RAW but they have Ray Mysterio, Michael's fave. And I just love wrestling! We get behind on this one a lot though.

Well I wonder if anyone out there can top me? Do you watch more shows religiously? Didn't think so. I know, I'm nuts. But what else am I going to do home alone every night...Off by 8:00pm at the latest...No one to feed but myself...I guess I could clean...nah.


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