Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DAY 22


Well since I spend practically ALL of my time on Facebook, blogger, and my email...I'm not going to share any of those.

I will however share a few I visit every now and then.

I spend A LOT of time here.
It's a wedding planning site and it has given me some GREAT ideas.
Hey photographers around the world, there is a section on there about 50 must have photos.
Most of them are shots EVERYONE does because they are no-brainer.
However, there are a few cute/new ideas that you might enjoy!
There is also another version of the site called the nest.
It has recipes, home buying tips, and decor ideas.
Fabulous I know!

ALSO I have a few friends with their own sites.
My good friend Kylie has been hard at work.
Check out that link and this one!
She only has a few stuff up right now but she takes special orders!
Just tell her what you need/want and she will let you know if she can do it!

That's all I got for now!
Till next time!

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