Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DAY 28

Well, I'm glad you asked because it needs to be cleaned out.
Here's my overflowing but super stinkin cute purse:

And here it is emptied:

It's contents:
-A book
-Lip gloss, lip stick, and chapstick
-Extra batteries (but don't tell anyone those are my favorite batteries. For my camera ONLY)
-M&Ms ooh! Didn't know those were in there...hmm...wonder how long they have been in there...?
-My wallet
-My planner
-My ZUNE (better than an iPod trust me)
-My phone
-Sunglasses (though I haven't needed them lately)
-My inhaler
-Hand sanitizer
-My keys
-Gloves (I HATE a cold steering wheel, I used to have a fuzzy steering wheel cover but it's been worn out :( )
-My camera (it's usually in my purse. Never know when you will have a kodak moment)

P.S anyone wanna come put all that crap back in my purse now?

also, this was my 100th post!
this calls for a celebration!
bring on the chocolate!

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