Thursday, November 18, 2010

DAY 18

Day 18 is a fun one. My wedding.

This is so fun because I am engaged so I'm in the middle beginning planning! I SHOULD be in the middle but...I'm not even started yet really...

Here is what I have in mind...

-My wedding will be held in my parents back yard.
-My dad is building me an arch to stand is what I have in mind...
Not your traditional rounded arch but I love it.
-My colors are going to be...all pastel colors. Yellow, blue, purple, green and pink. I also hope to have LOTS of silver accents.
-This is what I want my dress to look like. My mom is making it and we haven't even started yet eek!
I love all the lace. I love the small train, I don't want it too long. I love LOVE the neckline. I hope it turns out fairly similar to this!
-My sister wants to attempt to make the cake. Fine by me, it'll save me $300. This is what I had in mind...
I love that the base is square and the 2 tiers are round. I love that they each have a different design. I really want initials on it but probably on the top instead of flowers on the top...we'll see though.
-I plan on making my own centerpieces. Different sized glass jars covered in pastel tissue paper with candles inside. I also want to put pictures on the table but haven't made up my mind on how. If I want frames, blocks or eisles...
This is where I got the idea for the
-I also want to scatter kisses on the tables. Silver.
-I think we want to have mini sandwiches and fruit kabobs to eat along with raspberry lemonade of some sort to drink. Also, I would like to have a big candy table on your way out.
-I want my bridesmaids dresses to look somewhat like this. I would however, like them to all be different colors and slightly different styles. But, my one sister is being a diva when it comes to her dress...She's bridesmaidzilla more than I'm a bridezilla.
-This may sound weird, but I don't know if I want Michael in a tux. I'm sure he will end up in one but I almost like the idea of not doing tuxes. We'll see.
-I have an idea on the guest book. Instead of doing the traditional guest book I was thinking of doing blown up pictures of Michael and I against a black wall and having guests use a silver sharpie to sign the pictures. That way, they can hang in our home and be a guest book.
-Jessie is doing my pictures and we've already done a couple while in Mexico. Here are my faves...

-I am also DYING to do some engagements on the ferris wheel in Salt Lake City. I think it would be absolutely perfect.

As you can tell there is still a lot to be decided. And ALL of it to be put into action. We still need to:
-decide on invetations (we have a while for that though)
-deliver/mail them all (again, we have PLENTY of time)
-get tables/chairs
-make all the decorations
-I have NO idea about flowers yet...
-we plan on making a wedding playlist to be playing during the reception
-get dress made/decide on tuxes vs. no tuxes
-get the food all arranged
-I'm sure there is a million more things that I have yet to even cross my mind. We'll get there eventually!

Oh my heck! I didn't mention one of the most important things! The date!
June 11, 2011


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