Friday, November 12, 2010

DAY 12

Day 12 is something you are OCD about...

I'm only OCD about a couple of things. And they're a little weird. 1) Making sure the bedroom door is shut at night. I CANNOT sleep if it is open. I feel like someone could walk in without me hearing them and kill me in my sleep. (Although, I'm a pretty heavy sleeper and hardly ever hear Michael come in so that theory is pretty much crap.) Still, I can't stand to have the bedroom doors open at night. Michael knows it too so he makes sure to shut them when he comes to bed. And 2) Making sure my alarm is set correctly. I am always so paranoid that my alarm isn't going to go off and I'm going to sleep in and not make it to work. I check my alarm like 5 times after I set it to first of all, make sure I set it and second of all, make sure it is set for the right time for when I have to be to work the next morning. Downfall of not having a set schedule, is my alarm time will be different from day to day which makes me even more nervous that I am going to get it wrong and not show up to work. It's never happened to me but maybe one time and that's because it was accidentally set for like 8pm instead of 8am but I still woke up in BARELY enough time to get ready for work. Oh that's another thing, even when I do check my alarm like 5 times to make sure it's right, I usually end up waking up before it anyways cuz I'm paranoid it's not going to go off for some reason. Crazy I know but those are my OCDs.

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