Sunday, November 7, 2010


A Photo That Makes You Happy...

This is tough because I have SO MANY favorite pictures. Most of them being of Michael and I. But I'll try to keep it to...3 or so?

My favorite kind of pictures are when the subjects don't even know they are having their picture taken. We were getting situated to have Jessie take our picture but didn't know she had snapped this one. It is so real and I love the way he is looking at me. This is one of my favorites of us.

I love how much fun the 4 of us can have and this day was one of those days! I love these girls and was so blessed with them as my sisters!

Love this one for 3 reasons. 1-It was taken on the beach by one of my closest friends. 2-It's Michael kissing me on the forehead how cute is that!? and 3-It's an ENGAGEMENT picture. Just the fact that we are finally ENGAGED makes me so so happy!

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