Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DAY 26

Whoa that's a little overwhelming don't you think?
But I will do a day by day thing.
This is last week so the 21-27.

Sunday 11-21-10
Sundays are always football days. The Raiders played the Steelers. What an intense game. There was even punches thrown and an injection on our team. Of course. Silly boys startin fights.

Monday 11-22-10
I worked from 10:00am-3:00pm. Dr. day. Couldn't tell you much more about that day. I think I went to Zumba that night at the gym. (Physiques. Everyone get a membership there I heart it!)

Tuesday 11-23-10
I worked at the Retreat that day from 1:00pm till about 4:14pm because of the "record blizzard" Can I just say...it wasn't that epic. It snowed, the wind blowed, it was freezing but I don't think we even got that much snow. It was bad conditions for driving in though.

Wednesday 11-24-10
I worked from 9-2:30 at ShopKo that day. Wednesdays are our busy days because we have a Dr. from 11-7. However, that morning was a bit slow. I can't remember much else of that day but I possibly went to Zumba.

Thursday 11-25-10
Thanksgiving. See post for DAY 25. I did that day in great detail.

Friday 11-26-10
aahhhhh black Friday. How I love you. Seriously I do. I love working the morning crazy shift. I love the energy, the business, most the people...lol. I had to be to work at 5am and I bagged for Beth in Optical. We had a great time she is super fun! I got off a little early. I was scheduled just till 10 but ended up leaving around 9:15 or so. My plan was to go home and sleep. However, an early morning Mt. Dew crave foiled that plan. I ended up staying awake all day thanks to 2.5 Mt. Dews. Lol my weakness. I went back to work that night for a couple of hours because Tara had a viewing she wanted to attend in Ogden. Oh well, couple hours on the paycheck isn't always a bad thing.

Saturday 11-27-10
Michael's parent's/Grandpa Thanksgiving Day. We figured we would do somethin a little different this year. Michael works on Thanksgiving so there is no possible way we can do more than one family, so we decided to do his family on Saturday. We spent the morning at the dollar store, made a stop at the cemetary (Michael's first Christmas without his Grandma. This was THEIR holiday. He misses her soooo much. Still hard to believe she's gone.) Then we spent the rest of the day cooking. Well and the boys played...

I have to say I think dinner ended up fantastic!

Well we tried to get a group photo...
Well that was my week in great detail! Hope you enjoyed! Sorry my life is so boring lol!

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