Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Favorite Movie(s)

I am dedicating this whole post to my all-time favorite..."The Wizard of Oz"
Many of you don't know just how much I love this movie.
Well...here's our history.

Age 2: Wizard of Oz Birthday Cake and I still have the cake toppers!

Not exactly sure which age this is but this is me at the Festival of Trees in Salt Lake City. I came across a Wizard of Oz tree and I just plopped myself in front of it. Everytime my mom got me to move on to the next row I would somehow end up back at the Wizard of Oz tree. Some lady took this picture and mailed it to my mom.

Age 5: I get a copy of the movie and have it memorized in no time.

Not sure what age I was when my collection really began but it began in Las Vegas. We were just shopping around the MGM and I came across beanie babies of the lion and lullaby munchkin. My mom suggested I get them and then start a collection. And so it began. Prepare for a BOAT LOAD of pictures!

Mine and Michael's first fair together
he spent about $50 on the
basketball game trying to win
me that giant lion.
Yes those are Wizard of Oz duckies!

Whew! You made it! That's my collection!
But wait...I have more!

In 2008 I was Dorothy for Halloween
Sorry I don't have a better pic of my costume!
In 2009 I was the tinman
And this year I was the scarecrow!
Next up: The Lion!
Thanks for hangin in there for this massive post!

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  1. I remember that you loved Wizard of Oz as a kid. Didn't realize you carried it with you to adulthood! I love it! Oh and I'm totally in that picture with your cake. Hello 80s hair and clothes. ha ha ha.