Saturday, November 20, 2010

DAY 19

Day 19 is hard for me because it is a talent of yours. And well this is something I have struggled with because I feel I don't have anything I'm really good at. I have a lot of friends who are great at photography. I have a sister who is super talented in art. My other sister is talented in music. Me, well, I draw a blank. I asked Michael about this and he had a few suggestions but one being I'm a great Donkey Kong player. Great, that's something to brag about. Yeah I'm pretty good at Donkey Kong sure. I am also REALLY good at procrastinating. That my friends, takes skill. Oh I can also roll my tongue, some people can't do that. And make the 4 leaf/3 leaf clover thing with my tongue. Whatever it's called. So there you have it, my incredible talents. I know you are all jealous of what I can do. And you should be.
Ick. I suck.

1 comment:

  1. haha oh whatever! you have lots of talents...and i for one AM jealous you can do that with your tongue!!! and ill challenge you to donkey kong any day!!