Sunday, November 7, 2010


So yesterday I had an amazing day! By the time I was done with it I had no energy or time to blog! So here is yesterdays!

20 of your favorite things...

Pretty sure I've done like 3 posts just like this one so I'm going to try and mix it up a bit. I'm also going to try and use pictures for as many as I can!

I love how much fun we have together. I love how good he is to me. I love how great we are together. I love that I can completely be myself with him.

2-My Ring
How special is it that I have Michael's grandma's ring. It's gorgeous. It's perfect. And it's sentimental value is through the roof!

3-The Beach/Ocean
Oh how I think I was meant to live on the beach. The warmth, the sand the sun. I love it all!

4-Such Good Friends


I sometimes can't believe how many GREAT friends I have. I am so incredibly blessed! Some aren't even pictured!

Michael and I both have such different yet such great families. I love them both and am so glad to have all of these people a HUGE part of my life!

6-The Wizard of Oz
I've mentioned it millions of times but I'll mention it millions more. I love this movie!

It's awful but I would be lost without my TV & DVR!

8-My Home!
Oh how I love this place! I'm so lucky to have such a good home that I could potentially start a family in.

9-My Camera!
I love that I am able to capture moments that will last forever!

10-My Our Car!
Neither of us had ever had a 100% dependable car. You have no idea how good it is that we have this one! Plus we got Michael's truck fixed so we are GOLDEN!

11- My phone! Oh how I would die without my phone!

12-My Pups!
Aren't they cute! Enough Said!

13-The Raiders!
I love that Michael and I could spend an ENTIRE Sunday watching football together. Win or Lose we love the Raiders! (Lucky for us they WON today!)

14- My computer
15-Music/My Zune
I am almost ALWAYS listening to music. (If I'm not watchin TV that is..) While I'm getting ready, playing on the computer, driving...I just love music!

16-LashBlast Fusion Mascara
Talk about longer AND fuller looking lashes! Love it!

17-GLO Mobile Spray Tan! Oh my! I LOVE being tan. It's healthy and I look great. Not orange. Not streaky. Just GLOwing! I love it and I am SO going to the Peak on the 18th for my next one! Can't wait!

18-The Ferris Wheel
For MANY reasons and I'm sure you ALL know why!

19-The Yankees
I know this is a pic of me and Michael but he is wearing a Yankees shirt and I love this pic anyways. I really like baseball although sometimes it is boring to watch...however, I LOVE me some Yankees!

20-Michael's Nephew
You cannot know this little guy and NOT just LOVE him! He is so adorable and so funny! He makes Michael and I excited to have kids one day! We love when we get to have him over at our house!


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  1. I sure hope you're using some of those Mexico pictures for your engagements because holy cow they are so cute. :) Congrats again by the way. PS when is that coffee date...