Saturday, December 4, 2010

DAY 29

for the next 365 days

Well...I hope the wedding turns out to be a dream come true.
I hope the planning goes smoothly and I get everything done the way I envision it.
I would really really really love if we could be newlyweds in our home. Together. Alone. Everyone getting my drift?
For as long as we have lived together we have only had maybe 6 months total to ourselves. Meaning, we have had to clean up after and extra person sometimes 2. We have had to feel an extra person sometimes 2. I would love if we could just be newlyweds starting our life together in our home and only having to worry about ourselves.
I love love Michael's nephew so I would keep that part for sure!
Even the cleaning up after him.
Sometimes we call him Tornado.
I hope that within the next year we get more control financially.
We are doing ok now, we just get behind sometimes.
Please tell me we're not the only ones.
I hope that we spend a lot of time together doing the random things we do.
For example we are having a "slumber party" in the living room tonight and crashing on the floor in there.
We plan on playing a lot of mario kart wii (that's right girls I came and took it back from your house when you weren't home)
and we want to watch a lot of king of queens.
I hope that within the next year by becoming completely financially stable we can start planning for kids.
I don't think I will have one or get pregnant within the year (at least I don't want to yet) but it would be fun to start really considering it and planning for it. Redoing some bedrooms to be more baby friendly who knows.
Also in this next year I would love to spoil Michael somehow.
He always makes sure I am taken care of and other people in our lives are taken care of before himself.
He deserves something amazing.
I plan on having the best wedding ever and the best first year of marriage ever.
I'm hoping we can figure something super fun out for a honeymoon.
We won't be able to afford anything like Mexico or a cruise but it would be so cool to road trip to Vegas or somethin.
We have never been on a trip just the two of us so I look forward to whatever it is we do.
I hope that is enough for one year and I hope I accomplish it all!

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