Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I like to do monthly updates at the end of each month rather than a lot of small boring posts during the month. (just one BIG boring one hehe) 
This month I thought it would be fun to show you last year's April and this year's month of April!

APRIL 2012

It is crazy how things have changed since then! If you'll notice, that post verifies I've had Instagram for a whole year!
It also marks a year since I left ShopKo!

Now here is April 2013 =]

My mom got these for me and it was like the best day ever!

As you saw HERE we did a bedroom makeover.

I did some bloggin' and Ellen watchin'

Domer stole my spot in bed when I got up to pee...
well he did this on multiple occasions.
Did some cuddlin' and Idol watchin'

New fun nail color

I have a rocking chair project in the future =]

NFL Draft Day!
Yeah, my poor dog got dressed in a way-to-small-for-him
jersey. He hated it.

I enjoyed me some Peanut M&M's

As you saw HERE it was a fabulous month for music.
And the month in bumps!
I'll admit, not looking forward to seeing how big May's bumps are!
Hope everyone had a fabulous April and here's to a beautiful May!

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