Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I had an outfit picked out for this week but due to this darn weather I opted for something a little warmer.

Here is the one I picked...

And here is my version of this outfit:

I wore this to work so I did not do jeans I just did some gray pants. 
(Which I probably won't get to wear again until after Baby. They were pretty tight..)
And my blazer is not as nice as the one in the picture. I wish I had a better one.
But I loved the color combo!

I realize doing this is helping me take pictures of my growing belly! I had been such a slacker at taking photos so by doing this I will start documenting how far along I am!
Dur! Don't know why I didn't think of this before!

So for a pregnancy update while I'm at it...
I will be 23 weeks along tomorrow.
I go in to the Dr. for my checkup tomorrow and I hope I hope I get good pictures! The last 2 times we have been in, every time they try to look at her face, the little stinker turns her head! 
I have a feeling she'll be a little diva!
And possibly a tumbler or dancer or CHEERLEADER!
She is CONSTANTLY moving! When we went in for our targeted ultrasound the tech commented on how she was trying to flip completely over. It was hard to get good view of a lot of parts because she was moving so much!
I'm pretty sure I'll have my hands full when she arrives!
Michael FINALLY felt her kick a couple of weekends ago! Every time we tried before, the second he put his hand there, she would stop. 
The first time he felt her his eyes got all big and he got genuinely excited! It was so cute and so special!

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