Thursday, April 4, 2013


I am a day late on my Wardrobe post because my house currently has no internet.
Modem is DUNZO!
But we have a new one coming tomorrow!
Ok so here is the outfit I picked off of Pinterest:
And here is my version:

Like I have mentioned before Black and Tan are iffy for me...but I like this! I like the way it looks.
I added a shirt with sleeves under my top because I HATE my arms. They need to be toned before I wear shirts with short sleeves! =]
Well it's officially happening...People who don't know me are asking me when I'm due. That means I actually look pregnant and not just chubby. Should I consider this a good thing or a bad thing?
My mom got so excited the other day at how cute I'm looking she just had to take a picture so she could show everyone at work.
She's silly.
This weekend is my Spring Break and I got a lot of fun things planned including painting a room in my house and a girl's day with my mom and sister for her dance competition.
Pictures to come!
Have a happy weekend everyone! 

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