Friday, April 19, 2013


Remember the story of the missing pups? Well HERE is the link to the whole story. Anyways, I have an update...

I had a missed call last night from a number I didn't recognize. I had a voicemail and it was a woman asking if I was missing a dog named Raider. My stomach dropped. Was he alive? Would we once again have 2 dogs? How would that work, with Domer being so spoiled? Would they fight? My mind immediately went to us getting him back. I called her back and she then asked me if I was actually missing two dogs. I was shocked. They were still together after all this time? Would we be able to handle 3 dogs and a baby on the way? How would that work with them being mainly outside dogs and Domer being a spoiled inside dog? How bad of shape would they be in, seeing as how they had been missing since what...September? Then she said the word I wish I could unhear. Bodies. That thought hadn't crossed my mind and I don't know why. She had said she found them by train tracks so that probably should have been the first thing I thought but, call me an optimist, it wasn't. She asked if I wanted the collars because they kept them. Tags still in tact. She said the bodies are still out there not far from each other. I can't go see. Especially if they have been out there since they have been missing. I don't want to see them like that at all. But do we just leave the bodies? I don't know what I should do. I immediately got off the phone and started bawling hysterically. I don't know what is better, not knowing, or knowing this. I almost wish I didn't know because at least there was that chance and that hope they someone had taken them in and was taking care of them and loving them. I guess we have "closure" but it doesn't exactly feel like that because it's so sad and awful. I don't want to even think about how it happened. Did they get hit at the same time or was it one then the other? How bad of shape must their bodies be in? Ugh I can't think about that...
Anyways, mystery of the missing pups sadly solved.

We had a couple of people offer to go get the bodies for us. (Thanks Jessie & Teague and Jesse & Tiffane!) And we let one friend because he could take them and bury them on his mom's property. At first I didn't know about any of that. I just couldn't think about it and hated to worry about it. But Michael made a very good point. He said, "If he [Jesse] goes and gets them, you'll have the comfort of knowing they were taken care of." This made a lot of sense. I think if I didn't have him go do that, I would always wonder where their bodies were and by wondering that I wonder the worst of how they looked. So I'm glad that now I know they were cared for and they are taken care of. We owe them big time for doing that for us. Neither Michael or I would have been able to handle it I think.


  1. That is so sad! Let us know what you decide.

  2. What I would think about is that they were together to the end and were never separated. Thoughts and prayers to you guys!

    Sherie Holst