Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Get it?
Instead of saying Happy Hump Day or even Wardrobe Wednesday I am going to change the name to Happy BUMP Day!
I will still post an outfit I found on Pinterest but also give a pregnancy update IF there is one!

Here is the outfit I chose for this week:

Now, I don't have a cute giraffe scarf or shoes SO I had to improvise. 
I didn't wear the scarf because I don't have one the right color and because I didn't want one anyways.

So here is what I did with it:


I love this blazer that I got at Gordman's because it is a little big which means I can button it over my belly still!
It is comfy and I love the lace back.
So basically white tee, red blazer, khaki pants, and gold shoes.
I didn't have gold jewelry so I wore just some plain silver hoops and that was about it.

Now here is the exciting part...
We got to see Baby Z in 3D at our last appointment!
I ALMOST cried!
We saw her face and got a glimpse of what she is going to look like and I cannot believe that we can do that before she arrives!
It is amazing!
Here she is!

She TOTALLY has Michael's nose already!
And lips!

Personally I think she kinda looks like me here..
Oh and that is her FOOT right next to her head!
I was so THRILLED we got good pictures!
She finally let us see her face!
She moves A LOT. I can feel her so good and sometimes her little kicks are actually pretty big and they startle me!
Sometimes it takes all I have not to jump out of my seat at work when she gives me a big kick.
She is low so she kicks me in the bladder quite often which is annoying but at the same time I just love feeling her move!
However, I think I am in trouble when she comes out if she moves as much then as she is now!
Everything is good. We finally saw her lips so we know those are all in tact which is good. I tell ya, I'm getting more and more excited!
However, I am stressing big time about having her room ready.
I don't have a crib.
I don't even have a paint color picked!
Michael is so sweet and keeps telling me we'll get it done in time and my mom tells me too. 
She will be helping me a lot when she gets out of school so that's when we'll get a lot done. 
We have,
-a rocking chair makeover
-bedding to make (bumper, crib skirt, etc...)
-a dresser makeover
-a room to paint
All in just 4 months! 
Anyone want a project?! ;)

That's all the update for now, stay tuned for another one next week!

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