Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Getting To Know Me

I am...127 days (approximately) away from being a mom!

I want....that 127 days to be 8 days. Can she just be here already?!

I have....too much to do before Baby Z comes so I guess 127 days is sufficient.

I wish....I could whistle as good as my dad.

I hate...clowns. And political discussions. Leave me out.

I fear....being alone someday.

I music. Almost ALWAYS.

I search....for the perfect paint color for Baby Z's room.

I wonder....what Baby Z will be like. What she'll look like, what will make her laugh, and what will make her cry.
I regret....nothing. I am sad some of my decisions hurt people I love but I'm happy where I am and wouldn't change a thing.
I husband, my dog, my plans for our house this summer, my job...I just love my life right now! =]

I ache....when I think of this scary world and that it will probably only get worse. I hope I can raise a beautiful, independent, strong daughter through it all.

I always....warm my pop tarts for about 15 seconds in the microwave. Perfect gooey-ness!

I usually....have a handful of Peanut M&Ms a day...a habit I should probably break.

I am strong as I'd like to be, brave as I'd like to be, stylish as I'd like to be or graceful as I'd like to be.

I dance....often and love it. I am sure I look ridiculous (OR ridiculously'd have to be the judge) but I love it. Although, since being pregnant, I can't shake it as good as I could before.

I the car. Pretty much ALWAYS. I love a good CD I can sing to.

I my pizza crusts.

I sometimes....take way too long to pick an outfit in the mornings.

I cry....more happy tears than I do sad tears. Happy stories really get me.

I am not the mood to be around people. Sometimes I just like to be home alone and do nothing.

I phone often. Michael teases me just as often.

I am confused....when it comes to math..or science. So glad school is over for me!

I start working out. I don't want to be super pregnant and gain weight everywhere. Especially my arms. I HATE my arms. I need to tone them even while pregnant.

I should....not fill these things out. They make me think way too much.

Now, all those with a blog, copy and paste this and fill out for yourself!
I'd like to read how others fill this in!
Comment with a link so I can see!

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