Monday, April 1, 2013


An update on my non-eventful month of March!

Pregnancy has gotten the best of me.
Cheesecake and Root Beer for breakfast.

Domer weighs THIS MUCH?!

Our Living Room got a makeover.

I take a lot of picture of my pup.

Jewelry Organization.

A new obsession...painting my nails.

Pinterest and music videos.
My life.

Like I and pregnancy.
Had a WONDERFUL time at The Peak's Girl's Day Out

Saw this amazing performance.
You have to check out that amazing performance {HERE}.
There are also other amazing performance videos on The Peak's FB Page! :)

So happy it's April! Bring on Spring!
Gonna take Domer on evening walks, and get A LOT done with the house. 
Stay tuned for that!

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