Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April's Happenings

I'm betting you are all wondering what I have been up to for the beautiful month of April.
Well, why tell you when I can show you!
Here's how my month of April went.
Gotta love Instagram! (anecia338)

I finally got Instagram!
This was my first post!
Follow me, I'll follow you

It was FINALLY warm enough to play

I made this cute guy for my front door!

We call this his perch. He's always up there.

I finally watched Black Swan

See, Perch.

Hope everyone got as many yummy
treats in their Easter basket as I did!

I pulled the trigger on Geek glasses!

My Easter chocolate orange was amazing

I went on a little shopping spree

...and found this amazing deal on this darling jacket!

Tulips! Love em!

Another item I bought on my spree,
sparkly shoes.
Can't go wrong with sparkly shoes.


Got a new recipe app (all recipes) that
had this delicious salsa chicken recipe

Jazz made it to the playoffs!

Been walkin with my mom and we passed the
"bowling ball house"

We had some storms

As you saw HERE I quit ShopKo

You have no idea how many years
I have waited to have my "craft room"
Best day!

Also, we've been working on Michael's
long awaited "game room"
Will post more pics soon!

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