Monday, April 8, 2013

Bedroom Makeover

We have been in this house for like 4 years now and I FINALLY painted our room!
Well it's a good thing I waited actually because when we found out I was pregnant we decided to put Baby Z in our room and we would take the smaller room at the back of the house.

Last week I went to work. 
Every day after work I started clearing our the room that would soon be ours and prepping it for painting. I cleaned it, taped it, and got it all empty and ready.

I didn't take a picture of what it looked like before because honestly it was always a mess. We called it our "dressing room" because that's basically where we kept all of our clothes. So there were always clothes everywhere.

But here is a little peek of the before...
(Also {HERE} is a link of an old post that has some pictures of my home including one of my closet in the "dressing room")

As you can see the paint job was that old fashioned style that was the spongey
textured look. I mean my bedroom was this look when I was little.
Here are my color choices. I knew I wanted blue and I picked a few I really liked.
And here is the finished product! I just painted a light tan over the bottom half and
I chose the lightest blue on the top.
It's called "CLEAR BLUE SKY"
Michael set this up for me while I was gone and was so proud of it.

My closet. It may look a little messy but it is actually sooo organized! I love this
little space!
Well that's our room!
All done!
Now I can get Baby Z's room ready!
I have a lot of furniture projects for her room first that I will be sure to post!

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