Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Boy, has June been a busy month!
We have gotten so much done in Baby Z's room and I can't wait to show it to you all done!

For now, here is how I spent my month of June!

My roses bloomed!

Rocking chair got completely finished!

My puppy cuddles so cute!

One day he tore 3 toys to shreds while we were
sleeping. Then he napped the rest of the day.

I have some amazing friends that threw me a surprise
baby shower/glitter toes party!
It was so much fun and I am so blessed!

Michael and I celebrated our 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!

I spend my Sundays in the heat under a big umbrella
watching Michael play basketball!

I finally cut my hair! Been wanting to do it for quite
some time now but finally got brave!

June is when my feet started to swell like crazy.

Some cute new things for Zianna!

Katelyn celebrated her birthday!

Another fun quilt shop hop!

Another amazing baby shower with some awesome
Thanks to the Gleed side of my family for putting this
one together for me!

Michael loves kids and is so good with them I cannot
wait to see him with Zianna!

Stupid vending machine.

Domer missin his daddio.

Got a new thing to do my hair in buns and I love it!
So nice to get it up off my neck and not have to worry
about it at all!

Trying to prop my feet up at work as often as possible.

My new favorite thing in like the whole world!

My mom finished Zianna's cradle! This is where she'll sleep
for the first little bit.

My Domer.

My Domer again.
He likes to follow me wherever I go and he'll just plop by
my feet.
This is in the bathroom while I was getting ready one


nearly 34 WEEKS!

Well it was a fantastic month and I have a feeling July will be fun also! Hopefully a lot of relaxing will be done in July!
I am almost all done with Zianna's room and almost all ready for her arrival!
I cannot wait to show you her room all done it has turned out so stinkin cute!
One more furniture project I will tackle this week and then it'll be done! So stay tuned for that!

Thanks for reading!

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