Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baby Shower #2!

I am seriously ONE lucky girl!
My Aunt Donna was kind enough to throw me a baby shower for my dad's side of the family that lives in Logan.

Thanks to all that came and helped out!

This chocolate fountain may have
been my favorite part!

My mom got me these cute Chinese lanterns
to hang above Z's crib :)

All kinds of good stuff...lotion, powder, shampoo...ya know!

Hooded towels! I didn't have any yet so I was so thrilled!

Ok ignore my face but check out this amazing
monitor system I got!
It has a sensor pad that will sound an alarm
if it doesn't detect motion for 20 seconds!
I wanted these soooo bad!

You can never have too many diapers!

I got the coolest thing: a baby bullet!
I can't wait to start making baby food in
this bad boy!

My sister Jamie got this from her California

My grandma made this little bootie and put some money in
it for Z and also got me some bottles.

Oh and she got me these DARLING blankies!

My sister Jodi made these darling Z for
her room! It's already hanging up in there!

I'll admit, these two big items are like my favorite things ever!
Thanks once again to EVERYONE that came!
Love you all!

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