Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Today doesn't actually feel like hump day because it's actually my Friday!
Thanks to the holiday I have Thursday and Friday off this week and I am so so excited!

Since last week's post, a lot has gotten done in Zianna's room but I want to just do one big nursery post so I will just give you a sneak peek...

Yes I look at it now and think her lanterns are slightly off-center but oh well I kinda like it!
I think it is just darling! 
Of course we are still working on bedding but basically her crib is all ready for her!
Thanks to my amazing cousin Tish for coming up last weekend we got a lot done!
All of her clothes are organized and in her drawers. (Yes, dresser is done! You'll see it on the big nursery post coming soon!)
Her blankets are also folded and ready.
Her diapers are organized by size and the first ones are out on the changing table ready for use!
(Yes the changing table is done! You'll also see that on the big post but I'll let you in on a little secret, there is a picture of it on my instagram! It turned out AMAZING!)

And here is this week's bump pic!

I am so not feeling the full body pics right now so this is all ya get!

I am still swelling and I feel like it's in more than just my hands and face and legs and everything. But that may just be me being grumpy about it being so hot and being swollen. Something I am trying to be better at!

Anyways I went to the dr. last week and I go again next week then I will start going every week! How crazy is that?!

She weighs a whopping 5 pounds! I can't believe how big she has gotten! 

That's it for now! 

I have a shower this weekend July 6th at 6:00 in my parents backyard if you would like to come! (Hopefully most of you got invites!) 
I'll be posting again real soon!

Enjoy your holiday and stay safe!

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  1. The laterns didnt look off center when we put them up, but it is still so adorable! I cant wait for Saturday!!! And that shirts looks so cute!