Thursday, July 11, 2013

From Pinterest With Love

As many of you may know, and as many of you may relate, I have an addiction to Pinterest.
But how often do we actually cook the recipes, make the crafts, and try the tips we find on Pinterest?
Not often enough!
Well I found a fun bun tutorial on there the other day that I finally tried!
I am a big bun fan lately. It keeps my hair up and out of my face and off of my neck without worrying about it falling out.
So. HERE is the tutorial I found.
Big Bun tutorial - a messy version of the sock bun 
(Here is the picture)
And here is how mine turned out.

Not quite as cute as hers but I still like it. I am about halfway through my day and I am finding that some of the bobbi pins are giving me a headache but ya know what? Pain is beauty. And it's not too bad. 
I don't have the same bun thing she used but I have a HOT BUNS. (found mine at WalMart) It came with a big and a small and I used the small one for this style.
Happy pinning! 

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