Thursday, July 11, 2013


I had another great shower this past weekend and I know I've said this before but I'm going to brag again, I am SO blessed!
So many people came, friends and family!
And I've had friends and family that couldn't make it but have still stopped by to bring me a gift or have taken time to send me a sweet message apologizing for not making it. 
Everyone around me is so sweet and I am so so lucky!

Here are a few pictures of the shower!

This is my Uncle Val.
He and my Aunt Wendy got me my stroller/carseat
combo and I love them soooooo much for it!
(I'd love them no matter what though =])

My cute stroller and amazing parents for putting it
right together for me!

Cute little Laura eating a nummy

The bump!

Some guests!
My Grandma Hanks, Jodi, my cousin Katie, cousin Mary,
her daughter Ellie, Aunt Rosemary, cousin Sarah,
cousin Rachel and her daughter Zina.

Once again, thanks to those that came and those that have gotten in touch with me!
Once again, I am so lucky and sooo blessed!

Thank you thank you!

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